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3rd May 2009

3rd May 2009

3rd May 2009 – What a busy girl I’ve been since daddy wrote my last update! I’ve been to the zoo, am learning to stand and even had another trip to hospital…

I’m trying very hard to eat my din din’s and pud pud’s but sometimes I just don’t want to eat much. I’m the same with my bot bot too and can have a few days where I’ll finish all of my milk and then a few when I only have half. This is very frustrating for mummy and daddy because it’s causing my weight gain to slow down again. I’m now 14lbs 7oz so I’m still a long way behind other babies my age but I’m not as skinny as I was last year!

Although I’m not putting lots of weight on I have at least stopped being sick! I usually eat my din din’s then have a pud pud straight after (I love chocolate puddings and pink ones with cream!) and then have a bot bot a couple of hours later. I mostly drink 100 – 150mls of special high carole (Tiana means calorie) milk and don’t sick it all back up again. But, a couple of weeks ago, I was sick quite a lot so mummy and daddy phoned the hospital as they know that me being sick could be a sign of heart failure. Daddy was asked to take me in so they could run some tests and observe me for a little while. We were there for a very long time and lots of doctors came to see me and listened to my heart and poked my tummy. They told daddy my liver wasn’t enlarged (another sign of heart failure) and I seemed very well. They also said that if I was sick anymore, or if mummy and daddy were worried, that I could go back to see them. I haven’t been sick since though so I think it was just a little bug.

Daddy took me to the hospital to see the blood nurses last week. I was very very brave and hardly cried at all when I was stabbed the first time! I tried to give my blood nurse lots of blood but her special machine that tells her how thin my blood is, didn’t work so I had to be stabbed in my other foot. I cried a little more and gave my blood nurse even more blood. But the machine still didn’t work so I had to be stabbed a 3rd time. By now I was getting a little more upset so daddy promised I wouldn’t be stabbed again, even if the machine didn’t work. Luckily it did and it told my blood nurse that my blood was very thin and my INR level was 6.7 when it should be between 2.5 – 3.5. Because of this I didn’t have any warfarin for a few days then had to go back to have my levels re-checked. This time I was only stabbed twice and was very brave again. My INR was 1.2 this time so I was put back on my warfarin and I have to go back again in a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Cain came to see us. Mummy and daddy took me, Dylan and Cain to a zoo called Africa Alive. Cain and Dylan loved looking at all the animals and I loved watching them run around being silly! I laughed at them lots and lots but wasn’t that impressed with the lions, zebra’s, giraffe’s or rhino’s. Then I saw a bird swimming on some water and was very impressed! Mummy said it was a duck but it didn’t look like the duck’s I have at home when I have a splish splash…

Now I’m getting bigger I’m starting to learn more and more new things. I love playing games and one of my favourites is when I hide my hand in my sleeve and mummy and daddy ask me where it is. I hide it for a little while then I make it pop out! It’s really funny and I play it all the time. Apart from when I’m wearing a dress or t-shirt. Then I can’t because there’s nowhere for me to hide my hand!

Another game I like to play is when mummy and daddy are feeding me. Just when they’ve given me a spoonful of din din’s, I bite down on my spoon so they can’t take it out of my mouth! I then give them a cheeky grin and let them have the spoon back… so I can bite on it again!

I think one of the reasons I’m not putting on so much weight as I was is because I’m much more active than I was a few weeks ago. I’m slowly learning how to stand and am much braver when I’m crawling so am exploring a lot more than I used to. The other day I even crawled all the way out of the sitting room to find daddy who was splish splashing in the kitchen! I’m also trying to stand much more than I used to and it’s hard work so I think that’s where all my caroles are going.

I also laugh a lot especially when mummy and daddy are playing with me. I kick my legs lots and lots and love giggles! Dylan also makes me laugh and I love watching him play in the garden. In the mornings I crawl to the end of my cot so I can peep at him in his bed from my bedroom. I try to wake him up by singing and sometimes wake him up very early! Usually I don’t wake up until around 7am and then I’ll play in my cot until mummy or daddy come to get me. If I’ve woken Dylan up I’ll talk to him in my own special way while he tries to tell me to go back to sleep. But I don’t like sleeping when I can have fun with everybody so I don’t listen to him!

Daddy has entered a ballot to run in next years London Marathon to raise more money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. He has to wait until October to find out if he’s been accepted so keep an eye out for updates on this.

I think daddy wants me to drink some more of my bot bot so I better go now. Thank you for reading my update and don’t forget to like my Facebook page so you can be automatically notified when daddy does a new update.

See you again soon!


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