ALCAPA heart

My first operation was to repair a very rare condition called ALCAPA, which affects less than half of one percent of people. It is a congenital condition (which means I was born with it) and basically means my coronary artery was connected to the wrong part of my heart which caused my heart to pump blood the wrong way. Left untreated this condition is usually fatal causing sudden death within the first year of life. This operation was very delicate and lengthy and was to reposition my coronary artery to it’s correct position on my heart.

My ALCAPA repair was a success and I was returned to Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) after nearly 6 hours. Mummy and daddy were waiting for me and they were told I should show signs of improvement fairly quickly. Unfortunately I didn’t recover quite as quickly as everybody had hoped…

After 2 days the drains in my chest were removed so mummy and daddy were very pleased! But then I started showing signs of infection over the next few days and needed lots of different medicines to help control it. After a few days of me being in CICU the doctors told mummy and daddy I had an infection called MRSA. I was immediately isolated and further precautions were taken to stop it spreading anywhere else. This meant anybody that came to see me needed to wear a disposable apron and had to clean their hands when they left.

I was given stronger anti-biotics but still I refused to show any signs of getting better. In fact, as I had so many lines in various parts of my body including hands, feet and neck, I was actually getting more infections!

The doctors were puzzled at first as they were sure my ALCAPA repair had been successful. Upon further investigation however, it was clear that my Mitral Valve Regurgitation had worsened and I was going to need yet another operation to attempt to repair it.

I had been in CICU for 3 weeks and mummy and daddy were preparing themselves for an extended stay in London…

See my updates page to see how I got on.