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Follow my progress through 3 life saving heart operations and my recovery

Friday 19th Spetember 2008

Friday 19th September 2008 – Mummy and daddy came to see me very early today because daddy said they couldn’t sleep as I had to go for an operation to fit a Hickman line. I was awake when they came and I played a little game with them. I opened my eyes to make sure they were there then, when they looked at me,
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Thursday 18th September 2008

Thursday 18th September 2008 – After a fairly quiet day yesterday I thought I’d liven things up… When mummy and daddy arrived this morning I was fast asleep. Then I heard daddy talking to the nurse so I woke up. Mummy and daddy held my hands again while the nurse gave them an update on my progress. She told them that I would stay
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Wednesday 17th September 2008

Wednesday 17th September 2008 – I was a lot more alert today when mummy and daddy came to see me. I tried to cry so they would cuddle me but no sound was coming out so I held their hands so they wouldn’t leave me and every time they let go I cried again. The doctors and nurses told mummy and daddy they are
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Tuesday 16th September 2008

Tuesday 16th September 2008 – No real change in my condition. The ventilator is still in place and I am on sedatives and pain killers. Mummy and daddy were told I would need another operation (albeit minor in comparison to my previous 3!) to fit a more permanent line – called a Hickman Line – so that they can give me medicines more easily
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