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Daddys Parachute Jump

To thank Great Ormond Street Hospital for everything they did for me, daddy decided to do a sponsored solo parachute jump from 13,000 feet(!) to raise some money for the hospital’s charity!

Daddy completed his training to free-fall, solo(!) for approx 50 seconds before opening his parachute at 5,000 feet and landing some 5 minutes later. He had planned to carry out the jump on 17th August but it was cancelled due to poor weather and his second jump date was also cancelled (Daddy thinks somebody is trying to tell him something…!). The latest date (his 4th attempt!) for the parachute jump was on the 31st August 2008, depending on the weather!

I’m happy to report daddy made a successful AFF (Accelerated Freefall) on 31st August 2008 and said he is happy he has done it but the next time he’s in a plane he won’t be jumping from it when it’s 2.5 miles up in the sky! Below are some pictures of him before, during and afterwards and here is a link to the story in our local paper.

This is the plane daddy is jumping from

Daddy is ready to go…

Just had his final safety checks…

Daddy is just getting on the plane (He only has a one way ticket!)

Phew! His parachute opened! (Daddy said he loved this bit)

Daddy is just about to land…

He made it! (But he says he doesn’t want to do it again!)

A big thank you to everyone who sponsored my daddy. We raised £2,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital!

The day after daddy did his parachute jump I became seriously ill again and was re-admitted into my local hospital. My condition worsened over the next few days and, on the 6th September 2008, I was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest.

I underwent my 3rd life saving heart operation in 6 months and finally came home in November 2008.