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Friday 14th November 2008

Friday 14th November 2008

Friday 14th November 2008 – I was woken by my nurse again this morning but all she did was check my obs. Then she left me to play with my toys. Mummy came in a little while later and gave me my breakfast. I ate half a jar and then had some cuddles with mummy. Then daddy arrived and we all played and had some cuddles before daddy gave me my milk. I had 95mls and was sick a very little bit but luckily missed both mummy and daddy!

Mummy and daddy then gave me a bath which I thoroughly enjoyed. Daddy had put lots of bubbles in it and I splish splashed lots and got daddy a little bit wet! Just as mummy took me out of my bath my doctors came in and said that they were happy for me to go home for day leave tomorrow and Sunday and that everything would be confirmed with mummy and daddy at their meeting with my doctors later.

After my bath I felt very sleepy so I had a little nap while mummy and daddy went to get a drink. When I woke up mummy played with me and made me laugh by being very silly with her hair. Then she made me laugh by making me bash daddy when he fell asleep in his chair. Daddy must have been very tired though because he kept falling asleep just after I’d woken him up. It was good fun waking him up though so I’m glad he was tired and kept falling back to sleep after I’d bashed him and woken him up!

After me, mummy and daddy had played for a while my blood nurse came in again. She had her little machine and I knew she was going to ask my nurse to stab me again. I started crying and got very upset and that was before I suffered my first wound! I wasn’t at all surprised to find that it wasn’t a good enough stab and, just as I’d started calming down, I got stabbed again. This didn’t provide enough blood for the machine either so another nurse came in with a massive stabbing implement! She grabbed my, by now nearly empty foot, and stabbed me one more time… I’ve never seen so much blood! It went everywhere and was thankfully more than enough for the machine to give my blood nurse a good reading. My INR had risen to 3.5 from yesterday so is within range. Mummy cuddled me to calm me down but I think daddy had put my plaster on a bit too early because I got blood on her white top. Oops!

Once I’d calmed down I had another sleep and mummy and daddy left to have their meeting. When they came back I was being fed my lunch by my nurse and did very well, eating half a jar. Mummy and daddy told me that the doctors and support team were happy to let me go home on Saturday for the day, come back Saturday night to stay at the hospital, go home again Sunday for the day (daddy is going to do a special roast and I might have some too!) and come back Sunday night before being allowed to go home properly on Monday. This is to make sure mummy and daddy are happy with my medicines and also means my INR can be checked in the morning while the doctors decide how often I’ll need to be stabbed once I go home.

Mummy and daddy are really excited about taking me home tomorrow and I can’t wait to dance with daddy and play with Dylan and have cuddles with mummy! It’s been a very long time since we were all a family at home and I think this time I’ll be home for a lot longer because I feel a lot better than I did.

Mummy had to go to pick Dylan up from school but daddy stayed with me. I had another little nap while daddy went to do some work and when he came back he gave me my medicines and half a jar of sweet squash and chicken. I took nearly a whole bottle of milk too but was then sick quite a lot. It was the first time I’ve been sick like that for a couple of days so i’m definitely improving and getting stronger every day.

When daddy had cleaned me up it was time for us to have a snuggle and watch In the Night Garden again. I tried saying hello to Upsy Daisy, Iggle Piggle, Maka Pakka and the Tombliboos too, but I don’t think they could hear me. I hope they know I’m going home tomorrow because I will miss them if me and daddy can’t see them at home…


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