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Friday 24th October 2008

Friday 24th October 2008

Friday 24th October 2008 – It wasn’t the best of starts to today… to kick things off, my cot decided I looked very appetising at 3am so my blanket decided it would try to eat me while I was asleep! I woke up to find it had completely covered my face and wouldn’t let me go! Luckily daddy heard my frantic struggle against the blanket and came to my rescue! We had a cuddle and I settled down and went back to sleep very quickly.

Then I had my milk at 6am and, when daddy got up at 8am I was sick everywhere! Just as daddy had finished cleaning me up mummy came in and helped daddy give me a bath. I really enjoyed my bath and even had a little splish splash and managed to get daddy a bit! Then daddy tried to give me some breakfast at 9:30 but my tummy was hurting and I didn’t want any. I had my milk at 10am and, at 11am, I was sick again so mummy and daddy called for my nurses to tell them they were worried about me because I didn’t seem myself and I was being sick. My nurse said I may have a bug and they would keep an eye on me and then said that I was being fed 145mls of milk every 4 hours. Mummy and daddy said that was far too much and, when my nurse did a calculation, she agreed and said they would try reducing the amount of milk I was having. I wasn’t sick again all day and cheered up too.

Because I’d been a bit sicky mummy and daddy thought it best not to take me out today in case I gave any bug I had to someone else. So I tried sleeping a bit more today and had lots of cuddles with mummy and daddy which made me feel much better. But I was still bored so I thought I’d liven the afternoon up a bit. While daddy went to put my dinner and yoghurt in the fridge and mummy was busy I yanked my tube out of my nose! It came out very easily and, as soon as I did it, I knew it was probably a mistake! I cried because I knew that I’d have to have a new tube put in and I hate it when that happens, but I just couldn’t help myself! I had a break from the tube for a little while and then my nurse came to put another one in. She said it should last 30 days so I can use it when I’m home (30 days I thought! We’ll see…!) as I will need to be fed with a pump for a while. Luckily mummy and daddy have been trained on how to feed me with a tube so that’s one less thing to worry about.

By the time my new tube had been fitted it was time for lunch so, because I was upset at having had a new one put in, daddy tried to give me some milk from my bottle. I was really pleased to see my bottle and took 40mls before I’d had enough and the rest was put through my tube. My nurse was very impressed as were mummy and daddy.

I had a sleep after lunch and was feeling much better by the time I woke up! I had some cheesy vegetable baby food for dinner and ate over half a jar! Then me, mummy and daddy all watched In the Night Garden together and mummy played peek-a-boo with me and made me laugh! After we’d watched In the Night Garden I had my milk through my tube and then mummy and daddy put me in my cot so they could go and have their dinner.

When mummy and daddy came back from their dinner mummy checked me and found that I’d been sick again! She called for my nurse and, while my nurses changed my bedding, mummy and daddy gave me my second bath of the day. When I was all cleaned up mummy put me back in my cot and I fell asleep. Daddy made sure my blanket was properly tucked in so hopefully I won’t get woken up again in the night.

As long as my blood results come back clear I should still have my hickman line taken out on Monday and am still hoping I’ll at least be back in Norfolk by the end of next week.


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