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Friday 26th September 2008

Friday 26th September 2008

Friday 26th September 2008 – When daddy came to see me early this morning I was very grizzly. He was pleased to see I didn’t have my CPAP on and my nurse told him she didn’t think I would need it anymore. I was upset because my morphine had been decreased and it was making me feel unsettled. Daddy asked the nurse if I was withdrawing and she replied I probably was but they were monitoring me closely.

Daddy comforted me and after a while I settled down but didn’t sleep much. Daddy held my hands a lot and I kept bashing him which was funny but I got bored after a few minutes. I tried to sleep but was too unsettled and so daddy left for a little while to see if that would help. When he went I settled down and slept for a bit.

I woke up when I heard daddy come into my special room and was a little more settled once I’d told him off for leaving me earlier. He told me he had to have a meeting with some doctors and he was sorry he had to go. I forgave him and we played the bashing game again and then I settled down. Then my nurse came in and told daddy I needed my CPAP put back on because the doctors wanted me on it for the next 24 hours. I was very upset at first but gave up fighting the nurses and just let them put it back on me.

Daddy went away again for a little bit and I slept quite well and when he came back he told me mummy was on her way to see me! I was really happy and played peek-a-boo with daddy for a little while and even smiled! Then I giggled and remembered I liked smiling and giggling so even did it to my nurse! But I got tired so daddy had a cuddle with me and I fell asleep. When daddy put me back in my cot I got a little upset but settled down quickly.

Mummy will be here a bit later so daddy said he’ll come back when she arrives to give me a little time to sleep. I’m really excited but will try to sleep as much as I can.

I was still asleep when mummy came in with daddy but I started waking up. Then Granddad came in to see me and I needed a new nappy so my nurse changed me while mummy and daddy went to have some dinner.

When they came back I was wide awake waiting for them. Mummy came and held my hand and I gave her a very big smile! Mummy liked that and made me laugh too! Mummy and daddy stayed for a little while but I wouldn’t go to sleep because I was too excited so they left after a little while and I started to cry because I didn’t want them to go. They told me I needed to sleep and my nurse held my hand and settled me down. I am looking forward to seeing mummy and daddy again tomorrow and will try very hard to smile and laugh even more!


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