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Friday 31st October 2008

Friday 31st October 2008

Friday 31st October 2008 – Daddy slept in quite late this morning. By the time he got up I’d had my milk, been weighed, had my nappy changed, had a play, had a sleep and had another play. All while daddy slept! Good job there wasn’t a fire or anything as he’d probably have slept through that too…

When daddy did finally get up we had a big cuddle and daddy played with my blue airfalant (Tiana means elephant) with me. I love my airfalant and daddy dances when it sings which makes me laugh. Daddy’s can be so silly sometimes. When daddy had finished making a scene, he got me my breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry so only had a couple of spoonfuls. Then I had my milk and was sick everywhere again. Daddy told my nurse to slow the rate I have my milk put through my tube to see if that would help stop me being sick.

When my doctors came to see me I was having a cuddle with daddy. They said I had a slight temperature again but other than that I was looking very well although I had lost a bit of weight. They said they were still not getting my INR levels quite right but hoped to be on top of it next week.

Me and daddy watched some tv and after a while I started getting tired so I had a sleep while daddy went to get some lunch. When he came back I was on my tummy again trying to crawl and I made daddy laugh because I was peeking at him underneath my arm. Daddy had lots of different dinners for me and gave me some chocolate pudding for lunch. I ate half a tin and wasn’t sick even when I had my milk!

When I’d finished my milk daddy put a silly hat on and had some purple hair too! I laughed lots and he said it was because it was Halloween. Then he put a mask on over his eyes but I didn’t like it so he took it off. He said that when I’m bigger he’ll take me out with Dylan so we can play a game called Trick or Treat. It sounds like good fun! Daddy also said he was going to do something different to my website today and that it would take him a little while to get it right. I hope you like what he’s done…

After I’d had my afternoon nap it was time for dinner. I had some cottage pie and was a little bit sick when I’d had nearly quarter of a jar. Then I had my milk and was sick a lot when I’d had half of it. Daddy made sure I was ok and cleaned me up and stopped the pump to give my tummy a rest. Then I had some more a little while later and I was sick again. Daddy went to get my doctor to tell him that there’s something not right and my doctor said he agreed and would carry out some investigations tonight. He said it could be my infection coming back. I hope it isn’t because that made me very unwell and I thought I was getting better. Daddy doesn’t think it is my infection though and thinks it’s because I’m being fed too much at once and have too much added to my milk and that’s what makes me sick. Hopefully daddy is right and they can sort it out for me soon.

After I’d been sick again I felt much better and me and daddy played again for a little while. Then I got tired so daddy let me go to sleep in my cot while he did my update for me. I think I’m going to be woken up in a little while though so hopefully I’ll have a good sleep before they come to do their investigations. Daddy will update this update later if there’s any news.


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