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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children is a world famous hospital founded a long time ago in 1852 (that’s even before my daddy was born!). When they first opened they only had 10 beds and were very small.

Today they are a lot bigger and treat children from all over the world. They are currently undergoing major improvements and the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit that I stayed in for 5 weeks was only opened in January 2008. It is state of the art and is much bigger than the previous one. The doctors and nurses now have much more room to look after all the patients that need specialist care.

The doctors and nurses were very nice to me and my mummy and daddy and did all they could to help me get better. Without their care and support my future would have been very bleak. Mummy and daddy were very grateful to everybody that looked after me so well and have written to them to say thank you.

In order to help more children get better, Great Ormond Street Hospital have a charity to help raise money so they can improve the hospital and all the facilities there. Thanks to their charity mummy and daddy were given accommodation near the hospital so they could stay with me while I was there. If you would like to help raise some money for them, or would like to donate any amount please click here to find out more about what they will do with your donation.

You can also become a friend of Great Ormond Street like me, mummy, daddy and Dylan. Becoming a Friend of Great Ormond Street Hospital is a win win opportunity! You will be joining a valued community united in giving support to the hospital, their patients and their families and you will receive a package of fantastic benefits. Click here to become a friend today!

Tiana xx