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Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Saturday 31st October 2009 – This time last year I was still at Great Ormond Street Hospital and daddy dressed me and my teddy up for halloween. A year later and I’m doing well and slowly getting bigger (I now weigh 16lb’s 15oz’s)!

Daddy is taking me and Dylan out to knock on peoples houses to ask for sweeties! Dylan is very excited and has a skeleton suit to wear. I’ve got a tatty dress and little hat and Dylan will take a tub for people to put our sweeties in. Daddy says we have to give him half of our takings as “protection money” but I think Dylan has other ideas!

Tomorrow we are going on a long drive to a zoo to see some aminals like airfalants (Tiana means elephants), tiggers, giraffe’s and hippopotamusesses. I’ve never seen a hippopotamus or giraffe so am looking forward to it very much. We’re also going to see some of mummy and daddy’s friends who have been following my progress since I’ve been in hospital. I’m looking forward to meeting them all to say thank you for their lovely messages and support over the past 18 months.

I had to see another special doctor a couple of weeks ago because I’m still not talking or walking. She was very nice and we played some games and I showed her how I can stand on my own for a little bit without any help. She told mummy and daddy that I am quite behind for my age but that this is understandable as I was in hospital so much last year. She is arranging for me to see some other special play doctors to see if they can help me catch up. I tried telling her that I’m just enjoying being a baby because I didn’t have a chance to last year but all that I could say was “Bwa bwa bwa!”. I’m not sure she understood my point but I’ll just keep enjoying playing with mummy and daddy and will catch up when I’m ready!

I’ve been playing lots of new games with mummy and daddy and they showed me how to put blocks in one of my toys so the blocks can fall to the bottom of it. When I do this the toy plays some music which I love! I also like playing row, row, row your boat and head, shoulders, knees and toes too! Mummy has also taught me how to count to 10! I give her and daddy 10 kisses and stop when we get to 10. I’m actually a lot cleverer than I let on you know…

Daddy was a little disappointed earlier this month as he found out he hadn’t been selected to run in next years London Marathon which he had planned to do to raise some more money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. He’s thinking hard about what else he might be able to do next year so if anyone has any suggestions please send daddy an email and that will help him decide. I don’t think he’s too keen on leaping from an aeroplane again but is open to any other suggestions…

When we get back from the zoo daddy will do another special update with lots of pictures of our day out so please come back to see how much fun we had! I hope you all have a lovely halloween and get lots of sweeties!


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