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Holiday update 20th August 2011

Hoburn August 2011

After lots of driving in the car we finally arrived at our holiday carryvan in The New Forest! We knew we were here because there were lots of horses walking around without riders which was very strange to see, but also very exciting!

Our carryvan is very big and I have my own bedroom with a little carrycot in it. I want to sleep in the big girls bed but mummy and daddy are worried I’ll fall out and go bump in the night and they don’t like things that go bump in the night especially if it’s me! Daddy has put my Iggle Piggel blanket that auntie Lorraine got me in my carrycot so it reminds me of home. I wanted to have a sleep there and then but mummy and daddy said we had lots to do and we all had a little walk.

We went to an eating shop and me, Mummy, daddy and Dylan all had a dinner and juice. Daddy even had a juice which was strange because he doesn’t have juice like that when we’re at home. I was a little upset because daddy always shares his juice and fizzy drinks with me at home but wouldn’t let me have any of his in the eating shop and had it all on his own! But I did have an ice cream which was freezing but very yummy!

When we’d all had our din dins in the eating shop we had a little walk around. There were lots and lots of people and lots and lots of boys and girls who were very noisy and running around everywhere! I was very excited to see them all but didn’t recognise any of them so I don’t think they come from my nursery.

Then we went into a big room and there were even more lots of children and… there were 3 characters on a stage who were like from the television but they were actually there in front of me!!! They were very big and colourful and they were singing and dancing and making all the children sing and dance too! It was amazing and I couldn’t stop smiling and dancing! Dylan was a bit quiet (I think he was shy) but I didn’t care! I just boogied with everybody while daddy held my hand.

When the singing and dancing stopped it was time to go back to our carryvan and time for me to go to sleep. I was very, very tired after our long drive and all the dancing so daddy put me in my carrycot and I went straight to sleep… well, for about 10 minutes. Then I woke up and forgot where I was and got a bit upset so daddy came and got me and I had a cuddle with him and mummy and fell back to sleep after a little while. When I woke up again I was back in my carrycot and was scared again so mummy and daddy let me sleep in their bed with them.

I’ll try harder to sleep in my carrycot tonight but at least I know mummy and daddy aren’t too far away if I need them! Tomorrow I’m going to the swimming bath and then I’m going to the rain room because we haven’t got a bath in our carryvan and I need a wash! I can’t wait! xx


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