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Holiday update 21st August 2011

21st August 2011

We got up very early today and had breakfast before I went in the rain room… Now, I’m not a fan of rain at the best of times and, if I’m honest, this was absolute torture! Daddy took me in to the rain room where mummy was already inside and very wet. I looked at daddy and tried to tell him I really didn’t want to go in there but he insisted and helped mummy by prising my fingers from the frame of the door as I desparately tried to stop them getting me soaked! It didn’t work and I voiced my disapproval by crying the whole time mummy washed my hair and only finished crying once daddy had finished getting me dressed.

So, after that horrid start to the day things could only get better right? Well, they did at first as we all went out and had a walk. Mummy and daddy had a drink in the eating shop and me and Dylan had a cold juice, oh and a chocolate cake which was absolutely devine. I soon forgave mummy and daddy for forcing me into the rain room after I had my cake!

We all went back to the carryvan and got changed. I wore a little swimming outfit that daddy put on back to front. Mummy fixed it though and we all went to find the swimming bath which mummy and daddy had shown me earlier. When I saw it earlier though it was very quiet and there was only a few boys and girls in there.

When we arrived it was full of screaming boys and girls and mummies and daddies and there was a rain-shower-fountain in the middle which was REALLY noisy! I was NOT impressed and soon let mummy and daddy know by shaking and crying. They either didn’t hear me because of all the noise or just thought I was cold because I was shaking so much because daddy carried me straight into the swimming bath while I still had my swimming outfit on! I tried telling daddy it was getting wet but he didn’t understand. Then mummy and Dylan followed us in and I cried and shook and cried and shook for a very long time. But mummy, daddy and Dylan all seemed to be having great fun and I started getting the hang of the swimming bath. I also realised that it was actually quite good especially when mummy and daddy vanished in the swimming bath water and jumped up in front of me! It was very funny because they were there and then they were gone and then they were there again!

As I was obviously enjoying myself daddy asked if I wanted to go down the water slide with him. Mummy didn’t want daddy to take me so I naturally said yes to daddy (usually when mummy says “No daddy!” it’s usually something perilous and fun) and we climbed up the stairs. Then we went weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way down the slide with the water and we went very, very fast! I loved it and signed “again” to daddy but he said no because there were lots of children waiting to go first. I didn’t mind though because I enjoyed watching daddy throw big bruv into the swimming bath instead!

After we’d been in the swimming bath for a long time we all got out and went back to our carryvan and got changed into some dry clothes. Then we went back to the eating shop where I had my very own spaghetti bolognese which was delicious! Then I had some more chocolate cake and nearly ate it all up!

When we’d all finished our din dins mummy went outside for some fresh air and I played with daddy. I was very giggly as usual and daddy made me laugh lots by tickling me. When mummy came back I went outside with daddy while he had some fresh air… and the minute I let go of daddy’s hand I tripped over and banged my head very hard on the ground. Daddy rushed over and picked me up and cuddled me and saw the biggest bump he says he’s ever seen on my head! He took me to mummy and then to see a lady who did plasters. Daddy said I hadn’t been sick and wasn’t sleepy but the lady gave daddy the address for the hospital just in case.

We then went back to the carryvan where I stayed up until very late watching In the Night Garden! I made it clear to mummy and daddy I was ok by laughing at Iggle Piggle and counting the Pontipines. I went to bed very late and was very good as I slept in my little carrycot all night!

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite so eventful and I won’t go in the rain room or go bump!

See you all soon! xxx


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