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Mitral Valve Repair

My second operation took place 3 weeks after my first. It was scheduled to take place on 27th March 2008 but as this was my big brothers birthday I developed a mystery rash on the morning of the operation so it was hurridly re-scheduled for the 31st March 2008.

My recovery from my first operation hadn’t gone as well as my doctors and surgeons had predicted so it was decided I would need to have an operation to either repair or replace my mitral valve which was still leaking. My surgeon couldn’t tell mummy and daddy if he’d be able to repair or replace the valve until I was in theatre. The implications were huge… If he could repair my heart valve successfully I would probably not need further surgery in the future. If he needed to replace my valve then I would need to have the artificial valve replaced every 1-3 years as a child and every 10-15 years as an adult and I would need to take a special medicine called warfarin every day for the rest of my life.

Mummy and daddy hoped and prayed that my surgeon would be able to repair my heart valve. 5 and a half hours later they received the news they’d been waiting for… the repair had been successful!

I started to recover much faster than after my first operation and was transferred back to my local hospital in Norwich just 2 weeks later! I was allowed home at the beginning of May but contracted a virus and was re-admitted a couple of days later. I’d caught a bug called Rota Virus and I became dehydrated and lost a lot of weight. I remained in hospital for another 2 weeks before I finally came home in mid June 2008.

I initially did very well and started gaining weight but, the day after daddy did a sponsored solo parachute jump for Great Ormond Street Hospital, I became ill again…