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Monday 17th November 2008

Monday 17th November 2008

Monday 17th November 2008 – Guess what? Mummy came and woke me up this morning and there wasn’t a nurse or doctor anywhere to be seen! I slept all night and didn’t wake up once and even had half a jar of breakfast before mummy took me upstairs to bash daddy awake while she took Dylan to school. Daddy took some bashing before he finally woke up and gave me a big cuddle and then took me downstairs where I had 60mls of milk from my bottle. I wasn’t sick all morning and had a little sleep before me, mummy and daddy went for a ride in the car.

I awoke to find we had gone back to our local hospital but, because I knew we weren’t staying, I smiled at everybody I saw. We went back to the ward I stayed on all last week but didn’t go back to my special room. Instead I was allowed to go on the main part of the ward where there were lots of other, older, children being looked after by their nurses. My doctors came to see me and asked mummy and daddy how they’d got on with my medicines and asked them if they had any concerns. Mummy and daddy told them that I had been very happy but had been sick a lot yesterday. They told my food nurse that they hadn’t put the extra caroles (Tiana means calories) into my milk this morning as I’d been sick a lot yesterday. They told her that I hadn’t been sick at all this morning so my food doctor said maybe my dose should be lowered. Mummy and daddy agreed and said they would see how I went. Then my doctors told mummy and daddy that I would need an injection to help prevent me getting bronchitis (I have no idea what that is but I don’t think I want it…!) as heart babies and children are more vulnerable and can catch it easier. They said they would arrange an appointment for me to come back to hospital to have it.

When my doctors went mummy, daddy and me had to wait for a very long time for my blood nurse to come and stab me. We waited such a long time that I started getting hungry so I had some lunch that mummy had brought as she thought we might be a little while waiting around. I ate half a jar of my lunch and then got sleepy so had a nap. My blood nurse came while I was asleep and I started crying as soon as I saw her because I knew she was about to stab me. How right I was! Luckily she only stabbed me once today and said my INR was 2.6 which was very good. She then told mummy and daddy that she would stab me again on Friday which means I’ll have exactly 1, 3, 7, 2 (Tiana hasn’t quite mastered counting yet…) ummm 4 days before I get stabbed. Yipppeee!

Mummy and daddy saw my home nurse and she told them she will be coming to see me at home soon. When mummy and daddy told her about me being sick a lot yesterday she said I would be fine and just needed to settle and then I’d gain weight again.

Once I’d been stabbed and my warfarin dose had been confirmed mummy and daddy took me home. We played some games for a little while and then mummy left to get Dylan while daddy did some work. Dylan was really happy to see me when he came home and played with me for a little bit too. Then mummy gave me my milk and I wasn’t sick again although I did have to have 30mls through the tube in my nose. Once I’d finished daddy gave me a kiss and went to do some work while mummy made Dylan some tea.

While daddy was at work mummy took some pictures of me in my chair watching tv and had some cuddles with me too. Dylan played peek-a-boo with me and made me giggle and then I started feeling a bit hungry so mummy gave me some rice pudding. I had a few mouthfuls but didn’t want a lot. I watched a little more tv then mummy took me up to my cot. I’m still a bit unsettled when I first get put in my cot so I cried for a little while until I realised that I was actually tired. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until mummy came to get me a bit later.

When I got downstairs daddy was there and he gave me a big cuddle too. Then he showed me my bottle and I couldn’t wait to get it off him! I drank 90mls from my bottle before I’d had enough so daddy put the rest through my tube in my nose. I wasn’t sick again so I’ve done very well with my dinners and my milk! My tummy has been feeling a lot better today too so maybe the extra caroles (Tiana means calories) in my milk have made me be sick.

Mummy and daddy let me stay up for a little while to let my milk settle in my tummy before I went to bed. I stayed awake for a very little while and then dropped off again. I woke up a little bit when mummy took me up to my cot and I was very good and fell asleep straight away.

Tomorrow will be the first day since 1st September that I haven’t had to see any doctors or nurses so I’m really looking forward to having lots of cuddles, playing lots, watching lots of tv and sleeping every now and then in between my busy schedule. All while I’m at home where I belong…

Daddy would like to apologise for my updates being a bit later than normal. This is because he now has to go out to work again and sometimes doesn’t get in till very late. He’ll try to get my update finished by 11pm in future but if it isn’t ready it will be done by the following morning.


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