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Monday 22nd September 2008

Monday 22nd September 2008

Monday 22nd September 2008 – Mummy and daddy got to see me eventually. They got locked out of their room after going out to get a cup of coffee in the morning because a workman took their key to do some repairs!

They were told by my nurse that my procedure to fit a Hickman Line would be done in the afternoon. I was awake and quite fidgety and upset because I’m really missing mummy and daddy’s cuddles, but I know they can’t cuddle me yet because of all the tubes and wires that I’m attached to. It’s worse today because it’s daddy’s birthday and he really wanted a cuddle from me (I’m not sure how old he is but I think it’s 36 even though he says 26!).

I received a really sweet teddy and flowers from my auntie Tracey and cousin Katy this morning which mummy has said she’ll keep safe for me.

The nurse had to give me some more medicine to help me sleep because I was getting very upset even though mummy and daddy were with me. It worked fairly quickly but, because I’ve been fighting so much lately, it really made me tired and I kept getting told to wake up by mummy, daddy and the nurse because my heart rate was going so low! I tried to say to them that usually you’re telling me to sleep and now you’re telling me to wake up! It’s all very confusing… I get very angry too because I can’t seem to move my arms because the nurses tuck my arms tightly in the sheets. Apparently this is to stop me from reaching my face because I am very clever and know where all the tubes are and keep trying to grab them.

The special nurse from downstairs came to see me early in the afternoon and I was still asleep from the medicine my nurse had given me earlier. She told mummy and daddy she was going to take me downstairs and would give me even more medicine to make sure I was fast asleep (I don’t think I’m going to need much sleep when I get home so hopefully I’ll get lots of cuddles then to make up for the ones I’m missing now!).

When I woke up again mummy and daddy were there and I had a new tube sticking out of my side. Daddy said I can’t go swimming for a long time because I’ll sink with all the holes I have everywhere! The nurse told mummy and daddy it all went very well and the doctors would speak to them later to explain their long term plans over the coming days.

The nurse has also told mummy and daddy that they are weaning my morphine so I’m happy because they should stop spinning so much! I’ve also starting being given my milk through the tube in my nose so my tummy is starting to feel much better.


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