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Monday 27th October 2008

Monday 27th October 2008

Monday 27th October 2008 – When I was woken up to be weighed this morning I was very quiet again and played nicely in my cot while I waited for daddy to wake up. When he did we had a cuddle and daddy went to get some fresh air and a coffee before he came back and gave me my breakfast.

My nurse told daddy I’d lost a little bit of weight again but it was nothing to worry about. Then I had my milk through my tube and wasn’t sick. My nurse told daddy that my morphine has now stopped and that my heparin was still causing problems and my doctors would talk to daddy to explain what they were planning to do next.

When my doctors came to see me I was having cuddles with daddy so he put me back in my cot so they could have a good look at me and could prod my tummy and listen to my heart. I’m very good when they do all these things to me now and I try to help by lifting the tube that hangs from the doctors ears so it doesn’t get in their way… Maybe I shouldn’t tug on it as hard as I do but I’m still only a baby so I’m sure they understand!

My doctors told daddy that my INR (not I&R as daddy thought it was! INR means “International Normalisation Ratio” and is a measurement of my blood clotting levels. Most peoples INR is 1. Mine needs to be around 2.5) levels were still being affected by the antibiotics that I had up until last Wednesday. They said the enzymes from the antibiotics could stay in my system for up to 10 days so they’re not expecting to get close to my levels until middle to late next week, although they still can’t give daddy a definite timescale. They also told daddy that I will probably have my hickman line taken out either tomorrow or Wednesday but again nothing was certain just yet. Daddy looked quite bemused and I heard him tell mummy on the phone he is frustrated!

Daddy played some games with me and we had lots of cuddles. I was missing mummy so wasn’t my normal happy and smiley self so daddy tried cheering me up. He played silly games like peek-a-boo and danced with me and we watched tv for a bit too and I started smiling and giggling a bit. When I started getting tired I had a little sleep and daddy went to get some fresh air.

For lunch daddy gave me a strawberry yoghurt and I had quarter of it. It had lumpy bits in it though so I wasn’t sure if I liked it! I was good though and wasn’t sick so daddy was pleased.

Before dinner daddy took me for a walk. He said it was chilly so he wrapped me up nice and warm and we went to the park. Unfortunately it was shut so we walked to another one… and that was shut too! I didn’t mind though but daddy did say he’d take me earlier tomorrow so we can see some more squirrels. When we got back I had some lumpy spring chicken and vegetables for dinner and I really enjoyed chomping it! I had a little bit of milk from my bottle and then daddy changed me and I settled down to sleep.


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