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Monday 29th September 2008

Monday 29th September 2008

Monday 29th September 2008 – There was a very loud bang this morning and lots of nurses were running around. I was moved from my special room to another special room and was a bit worried that mummy and daddy wouldn’t know where I was because it was in a different part of the hospital. Mummy and daddy found me though so it was ok!

When they came to see me I was sharing a room with another little person who was not very well. I was very happy to see them and we played lots and lots. But then my nurse said the tube in my nose wasn’t in the right place so she had to change it. I was not a happy girl and cried while they were doing it. Mummy and daddy came straight back and comforted me after though so I didn’t cry for long.

I heard mummy and daddy talking to my nurse about why they weren’t able to see me for such a long time this morning. They told my nurse that the police and firemen had to make sure nobody came in to the hospital because the loud bang I had heard was caused by a fire just opposite my room window. Mummy and daddy told my nurse that they waited and waited and even went on television (click here to see them on ITV) before they were finally allowed to see me. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt and my teddies were fine too.

I was finally taken back to my own special room and mummy and daddy bought me some In The Night Garden DVD’s that my nurse said I can watch later or maybe tomorrow. I can’t wait because I have been missing Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and all the Tombliboos not to mention dancing with daddy to Iggle Piggle’s song!

After such an event filled day I was quite tired so actually fell asleep while mummy was holding my hand. Mummy said her and daddy would come to see me after they’ve had some dinner so I’m going to try to sleep well so we can all have cuddles later and maybe watch some of my new DVD’s.


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