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My first birthday 16th December 2008

My 1st birthday - 16th December 2008

My first birthday 16th December 2008 – We all got up very early today. When we got downstairs there were lots of pretty presents and cards for me! Dylan helped me open my presents and cards and I had a great time playing with all my great new toys!

I got some new teddies, some bashing toys, some musical toys, some In the Night Garden toys and… Iggle Piggle! I also got lots of cards from lots of people. Mummy put them on the wall so we could see them all and I would like to say a big thank you to everybody that sent me a card and a present!

After Dylan had finished helping me unwrap my presents and cards, we all got in the car to take Dylan to school. Then me, mummy and daddy all went to the hospital to see my special doctor.

When we got there I was weighed and have put on an ounce since I was weighed last Thursday so I’m now 11lb 13oz’s. Once I’d been weighed we saw my special doctor and he asked mummy and daddy how I’d been since I got home. They told him I’ve been a very good girl but have been a little bit naughty because I’d taken two tubes out of my nose. He asked them if I was drinking my milk and eating my dinners and they said that I’d had a very good day with my milk yesterday and had even taken my warfarin orally! He was very impressed and said he’d see me again in 3 weeks and I could keep my tube out of my nose unless I stopped drinking my milk. I was very happy and showed him how I can squeak now so he could see I was pleased.

I couldn’t wait to get home so I could play with my Iggle Piggle and all my other new toys! Iggle Piggle is really funny. He sings and he dances and I love watching him. Daddy took a video of me watching Iggle Piggle and you can see it below.

While I had my afternoon nap, my great aunt Lynda came to give me my birthday card and present. She gave them to mummy and daddy to look after and they showed them to me when mummy woke me up. I played with mummy and daddy and some of my new toys and bashed a few of them too! I haven’t been very good with my bottle today and only had a little bit of my lunch bot bot but daddy thinks it might be because I had half a jar of bolognese before I had my milk. Mummy said it could be because my new teeth are coming through and, when mummy spoke to my home nurse on the phone, my home nurse said to call tomorrow as it could be my teeth. Mummy told her that I’m just chomping on the teat and I’m dribbling a lot (it’s pretty disgusting!) so hopefully I’ll do a bit better tomorrow otherwise I might have to have my tube put back in my nose…

Mummy took me to pick Dylan up from school and I saw some of mummy’s friends who all knew it was my birthday! Dylan must have been telling everyone I think! Dylan was very impressed with all my cards that mummy had put on the wall and I am too. What do you think?

After mummy, daddy and Dylan had finished their tea, my nanny Chris came round with 2 more presents for me. We had a cuddle and then nanny Chris gave me some of my bot bot. I did a bit better with this one and only left 20mls. I have another one at about 10pm so hopefully I’ll drink lots to make up for the ones I didn’t do so well with earlier today.

Today has been as much fun as Sunday and mummy and daddy told me that next Thursday will be another special day because that nice man, Father Christmas, is coming to see me and Dylan! I think that means more presents…!


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