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My first birthday party 14th December 2008

My first birthday party 14th December 2008

My first birthday party 14th December 2008 – Mummy and daddy had been very busy last night when I was asleep. When mummy got me up and took me downstairs there were lots of pretty things saying ‘Happy Birthday’ all over the place along with lots of balloons! It all looked very nice and I was very impressed.

I had my milk and then daddy came and gave me some cuddles. Mummy and daddy are very happy with me because when I was weighed on Thursday I was 11lb 12oz’s! Mummy and daddy are hoping, as much as I am, that I can continue putting lots of weight on so I don’t have to have a tube put straight into my tummy in January…

While daddy started getting all the nice party food ready, I had a nap in my cot. Now I knew mummy and daddy would more than likely want to take lots of pictures of me today so I made a decision to remove my tube in my nose when I’d woken up. I’m getting very good at taking my tube in my nose out… I’d taken one out on Friday so this one hasn’t been in too long! It came out very easily but nearly made me sick. Mummy came to check on me and saw what I’d done. She asked daddy if he thought I should go back to hospital to have a new one fitted but, luckily for me, daddy said “No, not today.” So mummy gave me and Dylan a bath. While mummy was busy getting me and my big brother ready, Daddy made some sausage rolls, chicken bites, eggs for sandwiches and put all the nice cakes, crisps, nibbles and biscuits out while mummy made some tuna, ham and egg sandwich’s. Then daddy got me dressed in a beautiful red dress that mummy bought specially for today.

Daddy had just finished getting me dressed when the first of my guests arrived. Nanny Chris helped mummy with the sandwich’s and daddy started welcoming everybody else as they arrived. It got very busy and there were lots of people! I haven’t seen so many people all at once and I needed mummy and daddy to look after me in case any of them were nurses in disguise just waiting to stab me..! I’m pleased to say that there weren’t any nurses though and I soon relaxed and started enjoying myself.

Once I realised there was no risk of me being stabbed, I was happy to be passed about and had lots of cuddles with lots of my guests. They all smiled lots at me and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Dylan was very good and played with my cousins Cain, Callum, Katy and Lydia.

I tried to stay awake but all the excitement soon got to me and I fell asleep while mummy was cuddling me. When I woke up daddy said it was time for me to blow out the candle on my cake. I didn’t know what he meant but then he showed me Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy on something that had a fire on it! It looked very pretty and everyone said it tasted just as nice! I had a little bit of it and it was very sweet.

I was a very lucky girl and had lots of nice presents. One of mummy’s friends husband’s had even sent a drawing of me, Dylan and Bee Be (my bedtime bear) which mummy and daddy have put on the wall in the sitting room. Because I’ve takenĀ  my tube in my nose out I had to have my warfarin orally today for the first time. Daddy said he’d try to give it to me and mixed it up with some squash. He said if I didn’t take it all he’d take me to the hospital to have a new tube fitted. Luckily I managed to take it orally so mummy and daddy will ask my home nurse to come and see me tomorrow… I can hardly wait…!

Well, today has been very exciting and I’ve had a lovely time! On Tuesday mummy and daddy will give me some more presents and daddy will do another update. I’m off to bed now so thanks for reading my update!


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