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Pride in Breckland Awards 20th March 2009

Pride in Breckland Awards 20th March 2009

Pride in Breckland Awards 20th March 2009 – The past 3 weeks have been bliss… I haven’t been stabbed once, I’ve put on lots of weight and I was invited to a special awards ceremony!

I had a little blip with my weight where I lost a couple of ounces for 2 weeks running. Mummy took me to hospital where I was checked over but given a clean bill of health. When I was weighed last week I’d actually gained… 9 ounces! I now weigh around 14lb’s 5oz’s!

I’ve been very pleased that I haven’t had to go back to the hospital to have my INR levels checked. I’ve been very good and take my warfarin every day at 6pm when mummy or daddy get it ready for me. Hopefully, when I get stabbed next week, my INR levels will be within range so I can continue to be stabbed once a month instead of once or sometimes, twice, a week!

As you may already know, I was recently nominated to receive a special award from our local council. The award was for Child of Courage and I was shortlisted as one of 3 finalists. This meant that me, mummy, daddy and Dylan were invited to attend a glittering award ceremony with lots of very important and special people.

The ceremony took place on Friday 20th March at a big house called Lynford Hall. We all arrived at 6:30pm so I knew I was going to go to bed a lot later than normal! When we got there a nice man greeted us and said I was the youngest of all the special people who were being honoured and he showed us to our table. I had my own special high chair waiting for me and my name was on a little card. Then I had my bot bot and settled down while a man started talking very loudly. I thought he was going to sing because mummy and daddy sing when they have a black tube in their hands at home! He spoke for a little while and then everybody clap-clapped their hands which scared me a bit because when I clap-clap it’s not as loud as that!

A very brave man called Simon Weston got up and spoke for a long time and made everybody laugh a lot. Then some music started and lots of girls came and danced in front of everybody. I was very impressed and watched while daddy cuddled me. When the girls finished dancing another girl sang us a song and everybody clap-clapped again. I didn’t get scared though!

Mummy, daddy and Dylan all had some din dins and it looked very nice but I don’t think mummy liked her ice cream and melon that was brought out first! She made daddy laugh because she kept making funny faces! I think mummy liked her next din dins though because she ate it all up.

Dylan was very good and he ate all his din dins and so did daddy. Daddy gave me some of his carrot from his plate and then let me have some of his pudding too!

When everybody had finished their din dins Simon Weston started speaking again. I was beginning to get a bit tired by now so snuggled up with daddy and tried to have a little sleep. I couldn’t though because there was lots of noise!

Just as I’d nearly fallen asleep again a nice man who had been talking to me and daddy on our table got up and started speaking. Then he said my name and my picture came up on the stage with 2 other children who were a bit bigger than me. A special little boy won the award for Child of Courage and I was announced as a runner up.

Daddy took me onto the stage with another little girl who also received a runners up award and then we had our picture taken while everybody clap-clapped very loudly.

We watched lots of people receive awards for all sorts of good things and then it was time to go home. We left the big house at 11:30pm and I fell asleep as soon as daddy started driving home!

We all had a really nice time and I was very proud to have been invited as were mummy and daddy.

Finally, I’d just like to say Happy Mothers Day to my very special mummy and hope all mummies everywhere have a lovely day!

See you again soon!


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