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Saturday 25th October 2008

Saturday 25th October 2008

Saturday 25th October 2008 – Me and daddy slept very well last night and my cot blanket didn’t try to eat me like it did the night¬† before! I was woken up at 6am to be weighed and was very quiet so I didn’t disturb daddy (I know he needs his sleep!).

When daddy got up I had moved all the way down my cot and my legs were sticking out of the bars so daddy moved me back and changed my nappy. He said I looked funny with my legs dangling out of my cot because I was kicking them and I’m still very small. Daddy left me to meet mummy downstairs and when they came back I was ready for breakfast!

I had rice pudding for breakfast and I wasn’t sick at all. Then I had 30mls of milk from my bottle before I had the rest through the tube in my nose. My weight has dropped again but that’s probably because I had 3 big vomits yesterday so mummy and daddy weren’t too surprised.

My nurse said all my obs were stable and I was looking very well. My doctors didn’t have any major concerns about me and told mummy and daddy that they had increased my warfarin dose and were still hoping my clotting levels would stabilise soon. After my doctor had gone me, mummy and daddy played for a little while before I got tired and had a sleep.

After I’d had a nap it was time for lunch so, while daddy had a nap (he does need his sleep…) mummy gave me a strawberry yoghurt which was yummy! Then daddy woke up and and watched while mummy gave me some of the icing off her doughnut that she had for her lunch… I have to say that was yummier than my yoghurt so I gave mummy ‘eyes’ as she sat down to finish it off! Then daddy gave me some jam from his doughnut (it’s ok, the nurses have said I need as many calories as possible so I’m allowed sweet things – lucky me!!) and then proceeded to finish it off in front of me. So I gave daddy ‘eyes’ too!

When mummy and daddy had finished their lunch I tried to have a sleep but I couldn’t so mummy and daddy left me for a little while to see if that would work. It did but only until they came back and I heard daddy. I woke up again and we played a bit then watched In the Night Garden before¬† auntie Cassie and uncle Dom’s mummy came to see me. I was very good and smiled to say hello and then it was time for me to go to sleep because it was getting late.

Mummy said she has to go home tomorrow to look after Dylan because he isn’t at school for a little while. She said that hopefully daddy will be able to take me back home sometime next week so I’m still hoping that will happen.


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