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Saturday 27th September 2008

Saturday 27th September 2008

Saturday 27th September 2008 – I wasn’t looking forward to today because the last 3 Saturdays haven’t been very nice. But when I woke up I was feeling a lot better than I have for quite a long time!

My nurse made me feel even better by taking me off CPAP at 6am so I was much more comfortable by the time mummy and daddy came to see me.

All the doctors that come and see me every morning and evening were very happy with me and said I could stay off the CPAP all day! Mummy and daddy were there when they told me and I giggled because I was so happy! Some of the doctors heard me giggle and were very pleased that I was feeling so much better.

Mummy and daddy played with me and I was really happy so I smiled lots and giggled when mummy and daddy were being silly. Mummy then got to cuddle me and it felt really nice but I was feeling a little anxious so fidgeted and couldn’t settle straight away. After a little while I started to enjoy having cuddles with mummy and tried to go to sleep but all the tubes that are in my mouth, arms, feet and tummy were uncomfortable so mummy put me back in my cot.

When I had calmed down mummy cut my finger nails and one of my doctors came back in and said I could have the horrible big tube in my mouth taken out and swapped with a much more comfortable one in my nose! I was really pleased and smiled at him to say thank you.

The nurses in my special room tried very hard to get me to sleep today but I have been sleeping for 3 weeks non-stop and, although I’m tired, I didn’t want to sleep very much but did manage nearly an hour before mummy and daddy came back to see me. We played peek-a-boo lots and I laughed when they danced to my magic mirror’s tunes. They can be silly sometimes and I can’t wait to get some of these tubes out of me so I can have lots more cuddles!


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