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Sunday 16th November 2008

Sunday 16th November 2008

Sunday 16th November 2008 – My nurse didn’t come and wake me up as early as she did yesterday and didn’t try shovelling spoonfuls of porridge into me as soon as I’d woken up, much to my relief! Daddy came in just after I’d woken up and changed me and got me dressed nicely. Then he gave me my porridge and I ate half a jar (I much prefer waking up properly before I eat anything!) and then I had 80mls of milk from my bottle. I was sick a little bit so daddy put the rest down the tube in my nose and I wasn’t sick anymore.

We waited around again like yesterday, for my blood nurse to come and stab me and for my doctors to make sure I was still doing well. Daddy and me played for a bit and had lots of cuddles. My nurse came and told daddy that my blood nurse would be over to see me as soon as she could and my doctors were on their way round and would be with us soon. Then daddy asked if she could weigh me and my nurse brought in the scales. I was very good and still and my nurse told daddy I weighed 4.87 kilos (10lb 11oz’s) so I had put on a bit of weight again!

After a long wait, my blood nurse came in and I was fast asleep! Daddy woke me up and I smiled a bit… then I saw my blood nurse and started crying because I knew she was about to stab my feet again. I was right. The first stab was a good one and I bled quite a lot… but the machine decided it wasn’t ready so I had to endure another stabbing on my other foot! I’ll never be able to walk if this carries on because my feet will be too sore! My blood nurse told daddy my INR was 2.6 which was good and she would speak to my doctors to find out how much warfarin I would need this evening.

My doctors finally arrived and said sorry they had been so long but they had decided to go round my ward the opposite way to normal so I was 3rd from last! I don’t think daddy was too impressed but he smiled and said it was ok and asked what warfarin dose I would need later. My doctors told him I’d need 2mgs and would have another INR test tomorrow (yippee – NOT!). Daddy asked my doctor if it would be a good idea for me to stay at home tonight so he and mummy could see if there were any problems before I was officially discharged from hospital tomorrow. My doctors said that was a good idea and they would see me, mummy and daddy in the morning! I could hardly believe it… I was finally going to sleep at home at last!

When we got home mummy wasn’t there because she’d gone to pick Dylan up from nanny Chris’s because he’d stayed there last night. When they got back I smiled lots and had cuddles with mummy. Dylan made me laugh lots as usual and then I had my lunch. I ate half a jar of food and wasn’t sick. When I had my milk I had 70mls from my bottle but was sick quite a lot after I’d had the rest through my tube in my nose. Mummy and daddy are a little nervous in case I’ve caught a bug and will watch me closely for the next day or two and, if I’m still being sick, they’ll take me back to hospital.

After mummy cleaned me up I went up to my cot and had a little sleep. It felt a bit strange being in my own cot so I was a little restless and upset to begin with but I soon settled down. When mummy came to get me a little bit later my uncle Brett and cousin Katie had come to see me. I was a good girl (as usual…!) and smiled politely and giggled at Dylan again (he really is funny) and then nana Pat and granddad Dave came to see me too! I had some cuddles with nana Pat and wasn’t sick on her so I think she was pleased!

I’ve been very good with my medicines today and have taken some of them orally instead of mummy or daddy just putting them down my tube. For tea I had a little yoghurt and really liked it. Then I had 30mls of milk from my bottle and wasn’t sick even after daddy put the rest through my tube in my nose.

Mummy, daddy and Dylan had a nice roast dinner but I didn’t have any because the tube in my nose makes me gag a little if my food is too lumpy. Hopefully, when it comes out, I’ll be able to eat what mummy, daddy and Dylan have for dinner because mummy can mash it up for me. I can’t wait because their dinners look much nicer than what I get!

Daddy took me up to my cot at bedtime and I was a little upset at first but I soon fell asleep. Then mummy came and got me up again later to give me some more milk. I was very sleepy though so mummy put it through the tube in my nose and daddy did the same with my medicines. Then I woke up and smiled at mummy and daddy to let them know I was happy to be home and even happier they hadn’t taken me back to hospital! My tummy was hurting a bit though so daddy got my changing mat ready… I was then sick a big lot and went into a little trance again (the one mummy and daddy don’t like). I felt much better after I’d been sick a big lot and mummy cuddled me after she’d got me cleaned up until I fell asleep.

Mummy and daddy aren’t too happy that I’ve been a bit sickier today so tomorrow they will stop giving me the special extra caroles (Tiana means calories) that my food nurse told them to put in my milk. Hopefully I won’t be sick again because, if I am, then they’ll have to take me back to hospital to see if my doctors can figure out why I’m being sick again. I’m not too keen on the extra caroles I have in my milk though so I think I’ll be better in a day or two.

I have to go back to hospital in the morning and mummy and daddy will tell my doctors that they’re going to stop giving me the extra caroles for a few days to see if that will help me stop being sick. Then I should be discharged properly – after my blood nurse has stabbed me again!


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