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Sunday 21st September 2008

Sunday 21st September 2008

Sunday 21st September 2008 – I had a peaceful night and, although the bleeding in my chest hasn’t stopped, it has reduced enough for the doctors to allow me to have some milk. I’m being given 4mls an hour through the tube in my nose. The nurse has put some special gel on my eyes to prevent them from drying out because I can’t move to blink.

Mummy and daddy are waiting to hear from the doctors to see what they are planning to do next. When they came in to  see me this morning I was asleep and paralysed but when I heard them I tried to let them know I knew they were there so I made the big monitor bleep. Mummy and daddy then stroked my head and gave me kisses and I fell back to sleep.

I woke up a little later and was pleased to see mummy and daddy. I had a few tears in my eyes and daddy wiped them for me. I was a lot calmer today because the airfalant (Tiana means elephant – daddy) wasn’t sitting on my chest anymore and I could breath without it hurting. I was still very drowsy and kept falling asleep and waking up every now and then to check mummy and daddy were still there.

The nurse told mummy and daddy that my bleeding was still the same although it wasn’t so much blood but more secretions which is normal when a tube is draining things from someone. She also said she wasn’t sure if I would have my Hickman line fitted tomorrow or not.

When I woke up again in the afternoon I was really pleased to see my big brother Dylan! He had come to see me with granddad and uncle Brett. Auntie Cassie, Uncle Dom, cousin Cain and cousin Callum also came to see me but I was still a little sleepy so couldn’t smile even though I was happy to see them all. My big brother was pleased to see me too.

I fell asleep again and when I woke up nobody was there except for my nurse. I got very sad and felt scared so she phoned my daddy and he said that everybody had gone to get something to eat but that he was now on his way back. He came very quickly and sang Iggle Piggle and stroked my hair and gave me lots of kisses. The nurse told daddy that she had weaned my ventilator and I was actually taking more breaths on my own so she was very happy with me!

Mummy came and saw me a little bit later so I felt better. Then everybody else came in to say goodnight and I smiled inside but don’t think they could see. Mummy and daddy then came back and gave me lots of kisses and told me everything would be ok and I fell back to sleep.


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