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Sunday 26th October 2008

Sunday 26th October 2008

Sunday 26th October 2008 – I got woken up last night by some noises coming from the ward and couldn’t get back to sleep again. Luckily daddy was in his bed and wasn’t asleep so I kept peeping at him and rolling onto my tummy so he’d have to roll me onto my back. Then, when he started falling asleep, I did my squeaky airfalant (Tiana means elephant) noises at him so he’d wake up again. It was very funny and eventually I got tired so fell asleep again.

When daddy got up he gave me some porridge for breakfast and I had some milk from my bottle too. Mummy came as I was eating my porridge and gave me a big cuddle when I’d finished. I wasn’t sick and my nurse said I’d gained a little weight from yesterday so mummy and daddy were pleased.

A different doctor came to see me today and told mummy and daddy that my levels were still low and it was probably because I still had some of my antibiotics in my system. He said that, because of this, he wasn’t happy about my hickman line being taken out tomorrow because they will need to test my blood regularly and it’s easier to take it from my hickman line than to keep stabbing my feet (I totally agree with him!) so he is going to see about having my operation post-poned. Unfortunately it looks like I may be here for a little while longer than mummy and daddy were told last week, but we’ll have to wait and see…

Mummy and daddy went to get some lunch and I had a little sleep while they were gone. When they came back I woke up and was very pleased to see that daddy had the same doughnuts as mummy did yesterday! When daddy saw me watching him eat them he let me have some of the pink icing and it was delicious! But it made me hungry so mummy gave me some banana delight before I had my milk and I ate nearly half a tin. Then I had my milk… and then was sick everywhere again. Mummy and daddy were worried because when I’m sick like that I go into a sort of a trance, get clammy to the touch and sometimes go blotchy, so they called my nurse who took my temperature, checked my blood pressure and heart rate and also checked my oxygen levels were ok. Luckily everything was fine and I was soon smiling away once I’d been cleaned up.

When I was settled me and daddy had a cuddle and watched the TV while mummy started getting ready for daddy to take her home so she can spend some time with Dylan. Then mummy and daddy went out to get some fresh air and, when they came back, they said that mummy would have to drive back to Norfolk on her own because the lady on reception at the hospital wouldn’t let daddy park his car near the hospital anymore! Daddy was very upset because he didn’t want mummy to drive home on her own but mummy said she’d be fine and gave me lots of cuddles and kisses and said she’d see me soon.

Daddy came back upstairs after walking mummy to the car and I started getting hungry. I cried to let daddy know I was ready for something nice to eat so he disappeared! This just made me mad so I cried really loudly and when daddy came back a nurse was in my room! Daddy explained that I was crying because I wanted some dinner and said he had just gone to the kitchen to get me some! I felt a little bit silly for creating such a fuss so quietened down as daddy gave me cheesy vegetables for dinner. I ate half a jar and had 20mls of milk from my bottle which I did myself! I was very proud of myself and daddy said I was very clever.

Mummy rang to tell daddy she had got home safely (I think daddy was starting to worry about her because he kept trying to call her!) and asked how I was. I was still awake and daddy told mummy how well I’d done with my bottle. Mummy told daddy she was very impressed and said daddy had to give me big cuddles from her tomorrow. As soon as I knew mummy was ok I fell asleep and left daddy to do my update for me.


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