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Sunday 28th September 2008

Me Reaching for my Mummy

Sunday 28th September 2008 – My nurse took me off CPAP at 6am this morning and said I wouldn’t need it on anymore! I was really pleased because it is very annoying having it blow air up my nose all the time and sometimes it even blows little drops of water up my nose too which is horrid!

I’d been awake for a little while when mummy and daddy came to see me this morning. I made sure they knew I wasn’t impressed with them leaving me last night by screwing my face up as much as I could and crying. I didn’t give them too hard a time though because they seemed genuinely sorry to have left me and it was obvious they’d missed me as much as I’d missed them, so I soon forgave them.

I was soon smiling and giggling at them to let them know I wasn’t going to dwell on them leaving me with strange people again. We played for a little while and had some fun with teddies and my magic mirror. My nurse told mummy and daddy the good news about my CPAP and they were really happy too!

Mummy and daddy had to go and get some breakfast so I started to cry as soon as they left my cot and washed their hands. They looked at me as they left my special room and my nurse soon took over where they left off so I settled down quickly. I guess it’s only fair that I let them have breakfast…

When mummy and daddy came back they had a really pretty floating ball on string with pictures on it. Now I’m not sure if it’s this morphine, but I’m sure it falls UP instead of DOWN! Now that’s really funny so mummy and daddy made me laugh with it.

Mummy and daddy were locked out of CICU for ages because another baby needed special treatment so I got a little bit of sleep before they came back in to see me later on in the afternoon. When they came in I cried again to tell them off for leaving me for such a long time even though I know it’s not their fault. Daddy asked my nurse if I could sit in my chair for a bit and my nurse said yes. Daddy picked me up and we had a cuddle for a little while and I nearly fell asleep! Then daddy put me in my chair and left me on my own with mummy. Then my auntie Cassie came in to see me and was really pleased to see how much better I am looking compared to last week. I smiled at her and she gave me lots of kisses.

After a little while mummy left and my cousin Cain came in to see me too. I was very happy to see him and smiled to let him know.

Mummy and daddy have made me laugh lots today and have also tried to take pictures of me when I’m laughing. But I’m feeling very shy at the moment so whenever I see the camera I stop laughing which is really funny because they take lots of pictures of me when I’m not laughing but as soon as they put the camera away I start laughing again! It keeps me amused anyway…


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