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Thursday 13th November 2008

Thursday 13th November 2008

Thursday 13th November 2008 – My nurse woke me up very early this morning and I was expecting the worst so warmed my lungs up and started crying. But, instead of stabbing me, she started trying to shovel spoonfuls of porridge into my mouth! I was quite perplexed by this new way of waking up and wasn’t particularly impressed. Mummy and daddy give me my breakfast when they come in so why was my nurse doing it? Were mummy and daddy not coming to see me? I started getting a little worried and, if I’m honest, breakfast was the last thing on my mind so I didn’t show any interest and my nurse eventually gave up.

I needn’t have worried though. Mummy soon came in and gave me a big cuddle. Then she got my bottle ready and, because I’d not eaten my porridge, I was quite hungry so I took 80mls without being sick! I felt much better after my tummy had been filled up and played peek-a-boo with mummy and had lots of cuddles. Mummy told me that daddy was at home doing some work and he would come and see me later in the afternoon.

My nurse gave mummy a letter from my home nurse which said that a discharge meeting had been arranged for tomorrow at 12:30! Mummy, daddy and lots of doctors will discuss what my needs will be when I go home and my doctors will make sure mummy and daddy are prepared and suitably trained to feed me through my tube in my nose and can prepare and give me all my medicines (there are quite a few!) at various times throughout the day. Mummy and daddy have had refresher training to use my feeding pump and will practice preparing my medicines with nurses watching them over the next few days so they will be ok giving them to me when I do go home.

My doctors came to see me and told mummy that they were happy with me and expect me to be allowed to go home for the day on Saturday and Sunday and, hopefully, fully discharged on Monday! I can hardly wait!

Mummy cuddled me some more and played with me for a little while before I started feeling sleepy. I had a sleep for quite a while and woke up to find one of my doctors and her blood nurse friend were waiting for me again. My doctor did the same as she did yesterday and stabbed me in my foot again and made me cry! Then she stabbed me again (I obviously wasn’t crying loud enough!) but again didn’t get enough blood for the blood doctor to put in the machine. So my doctor grabbed my other (pain free!) foot and stabbed me once more. This time I really cried lots and my blood nurse said that she had enough to get a reading now so my doctor could stop stabbing me. My blood nurse said my INR was down to 2.4 so said my warfarin would need to be increased tonight and they would check my blood again tomorrow. Deep joy…

Mummy calmed me down with special mummy snuggle cuddles and said she could see a new tooth coming through which probably explained why I was a little unsettled today. I don’t like it when my teeth cut through my gums, it really hurts but not as much as being stabbed every day.

Mummy gave me my lunch and I ate nearly half a jar and really enjoyed it. Then I watched some tv and mummy gave me my medicines. I had domperidone, dalivit, sodium chloride (yuk!) and captopril which mummy prepared and put down my tube in my nose.

Then I had my milk and took 70mls from my bottle without being sick again. My food doctor came to see mummy and told her that she was increasing the extra caroles (Tiana means calories) she was putting in my milk to see if I could tolerate it. Then she said there was another special kind of milk I can have when I’m a year old which could be flavoured too! This new milk has nearly 3 times more caroles than the milk I’m having now so should help me grow bigger.

Mummy settled me down and left to go and pick Dylan up from school. I had a little sleep and then daddy came to see me. I think he missed me because he scooped me up out of my cot and gave me a really big squeezy snuggle cuddle! Then he played with me and my toys and I smiled lots to let him know I’d missed him too. Then I bashed him for leaving me and mummy to fend off my nurses this morning as they were stabbing me! I think he got the message…

Daddy gave me my dinner and I ate quarter of a jar. While I was eating it daddy was being very silly. Daddy can be silly a lot but today he outdid himself and I couldn’t stop laughing at his silliness. In fact I laughed so much I didn’t notice he’d phoned mummy so she could hear me laughing too!

When I’d finished my tea daddy had a cuddle with me and we watched his programme for a little while. Then he gave me my bottle and I had 70mls… but was sick a little bit. Daddy changed me and then I wanted to finish my milk so daddy let me have it from my bottle. I wasn’t sick again so, technically, I had a full bottle! My nurse came in and told daddy it was time for me to have my medicines so it was daddy’s turn to prepare them. I had warfarin, sodium chloride (yuk!) and domperidone. Daddy put them all down my tube in my nose and then we watched In the Night Garden.

When that finished I was feeling sleepy so daddy put me in my cot and gave me a kiss goodnight. He said he and mummy would see me in the morning so I fell asleep quickly and hopefully I won’t be woken up too early tomorrow…


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