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Thursday 18th September 2008

Thursday 18th September 2008

Thursday 18th September 2008 – After a fairly quiet day yesterday I thought I’d liven things up… When mummy and daddy arrived this morning I was fast asleep. Then I heard daddy talking to the nurse so I woke up. Mummy and daddy held my hands again while the nurse gave them an update on my progress.

She told them that I would stay on the ventilator until after my operation on Friday. This upset me greatly so I started to cough a lot. After a few minutes I managed to displace the tube that was in my throat and the nurse had to call for some doctors and a crash team as I had extubated myself and was in danger of choking. The doctors made sure I was ok and I had a break from the ventilator for a little while and the nurse put the hat with the tube that blows air straight up my nose on me! But I still couldn’t breathe properly and was struggling, so I had to be put back on the ventilator less than an hour after I’d got them to take it away.

I settled down for a little while after being given an extra dose of morphine (it makes me feel better but I wish mummy and daddy would stop spinning!) but I became a little restless and upset because the doctors had reduced the amount I was getting. They’ve increased it again so I’m happier now!

At about 9pm a special doctor came in with a big laptop computer on wheels (it’s much bigger than daddy’s laptop) that can see my heart and did a scan to see how well it was working. Daddy was good and watched even though he doesn’t like heartbeats! The doctor said I was a very good girl for keeping still and told mummy and daddy my heart looked fine and my new artificial valve was working as it should be.


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