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Thursday 23rd October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008 – When my nurse came to weigh me at 6am this morning I was very quiet and didn’t wake daddy up. Then I had my milk and some medicines and fell back to sleep. While I was asleep I was sick and my nurse found me with it in my hair and ears and all over my cot! Luckily she cleaned me up and changed me just as daddy woke up.

I was in a happy mood as usual and me and daddy played for a bit before he went to get some fresh air and a coffee. When he came back I had half a jar of porridge for breakfast before I had my milk down my tube. Mummy came in just as I was finishing my porridge and gave me a big cuddle.

When my doctors came to see me they were very pleased with how well I’m looking still. They told mummy and daddy that I would need careful monitoring to make sure the nasty infection that attacked my heart valve has gone so I will need some more blood tests over the weekend. As long as they come back clear then I will have another little operation on Monday to remove my hickman line and could, possibly, go home middle to late next week! Mummy and daddy are really pleased and so am I! Mummy has to go home on Sunday because Dylan breaks up from school tomorrow so mummy is going to spend some time with him and give him lots of cuddles like I get. Daddy will hopefully bring me home after my operation later next week, although I still might need to go to my local hospital.

I’ve not been sleeping much during the day and today was the same. It’s just too exciting a place to sleep! People keep coming in to see me, mummy and daddy want to play all the time (well it does get boring here so I don’t mind humouring them!) and it’s quite warm too! Problem is I do get tired so sometimes have little naps while mummy and daddy go to get a coffee or some fresh air.

When mummy and daddy came back from one of their fresh air trips, I woke up and me and daddy had a play and a cuddle. Then mummy put In the Night Garden on daddy’s laptop so we had a dance! It was great and I loved it so we did it again… Although I liked it it wasn’t as exciting as the first time but mummy did have the camera out though so I was a bit shy! The video is below so take a look…

After me and daddy had our dance I had some mango and banana for lunch and all my milk through my tube in my nose. One of my nurses has said that it’s unlikely I’ll take my milk from a bottle again and will probably go straight to a beaker (whatever one of those is!) so looks like I’ll have my tube in my nose for a while. It’s ok though because I’m used to it now so I can handle it and will try to be brave when it needs to be changed.

I played some more with mummy and daddy, we played peek-a-boo and with the balloon that falls up. Daddy let me hold it and I kept letting it go and watched it hit the ceiling! It was very funny!

I started to get tired so mummy and daddy went to get their dinner and put me in my cot. I fell asleep and woke up a bit when they came back. We all had some cuddles again and then daddy put me in my cot and I fell asleep.


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