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Thursday 25th September 2008

Thursday 25th September 2008

Thursday 25th September 2008 – My nurse was very pleased with me last night. I was very quiet but didn’t sleep much though. I was much more interested in what she was doing so didn’t want to sleep.

When daddy came I was settled but got very upset when I saw him and just wanted a cuddle. I was grinding my teeth again and daddy tried soothing me but I only stopped crying when he cuddled up close to me. Every time he moved I got upset again so my nurse gave me some Chlorol to help me sleep for a little while.

I slept for a couple of hours and when I woke up I was feeling a little bit better. My nurse then put me in a chair! I sat in it for a long time and even had my CPAP taken off for a little while which was very nice. Daddy came and played with me and I really liked playing with my musical bunny and mirror. Daddy took lots of pictures and some video of me today so I think he’s feeling happier because I’m getting better.

I got a little tired while I was in my chair so I had another sleep and woke up later in the afternoon. Daddy was waiting for me and after a little while my nurse got me out of bed and me and daddy had another cuddle. Daddy was being very silly and I actually managed to smile a little bit! Daddy was very happy and told me I was very special and that I was going to be fine very soon. I hope so because I like it when mummy and daddy make me laugh and smile and I’m really missing In the Night Garden!

My nurse told daddy she needed to put me back on CPAP so daddy put me back in my bed. Before my nurse put my cap back on she had to test some of my blood so daddy was playing peek-a-boo with me and he was being very silly again! I liked it so much I giggled a very little giggle that daddy heard and it felt very nice because I haven’t had a lot to giggle about lately.

Daddy left me just after my nurse put me back on CPAP and I was very good and didn’t struggle today. I don’t mind having the CPAP as much as I did last time I was here and it does help me breathe easier so I’ll put up with it for the next few days, especially if it makes me better quicker so I can have cuddles with mummy and daddy.

Daddy has spoken to mummy and is bringing her back to London tomorrow night. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and am glad she spent some time with my big brother. I think Dylan is as brave as I am because I know he misses mummy and daddy as much as I miss them when I can’t see them. Mummy should be here very late on Friday night so I will probably be asleep but I’ll know when she’s here because she’ll give me lots of kisses.

Daddy is going to come and see me again later tonight but I don’t think he’ll be able to cuddle me anymore today. I need to sleep more so he’ll hold my hand and make sure I go to sleep like a good girl so I can have more cuddles tomorrow.


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