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Thursday 30th October 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008 – It’s no use. I was woken again at 6am to be weighed so I’m not going to fight it anymore. This morning I let my nurse strip me and put me in the cold scales and fell asleep straight after she’d finished dressing me. Apparently I’ve gained 20grams so my doctors were happy especially after my big vomit last night!

I wasn’t that interested in my breakfast this morning so I only had a couple of spoonfuls. When I had my milk I settled down for a mid morning snooze while daddy went and had a shower and got some fresh air. When he came back we played with my balloon that falls up (the new one, because my old one now falls down – It’s very confusing…!) and we had some cuddles. I was in a very happy and smiley mood today and I think daddy was happy that I was happy.

My doctors came and did their usual routine of smiling at me to divert my attention as they squish my tummy and put the cold round thing on my chest and back. I just give them ‘eyes’ so they know not to mess with me and then I smile sweetly when they finish doing whatever it is they seem to need to do every day. They told daddy that my INR levels were back down to 1.3 so my heparin would have to stay on. One of my doctors also told daddy that the people in surgery had told him they had a space at the end of November that they could book me in for my hickman line to be removed. My doctor laughed and told them he wasn’t speaking to them anymore and said he called the surgeon general who agreed to fit me in sometime early next week. Daddy said it seems like we’re taking 2 steps forward and one step back again! My doctor agreed and said that my antibiotics are still causing a problem and may continue to do so until next week. Daddy sighed and said ok and then gave me a big hug when my doctors left.

I tried really hard to not be sick today and daddy did his bit by feeding me earlier than usual. This meant my tummy wasn’t hurting as much when I had my milk and made me feel a lot better. I had cheesy vegetables for lunch and then had a nap while my milk went into my tummy through my tube.

Because I’d been sick in my chair last night, daddy had to put me in my pushchair whenever he saw I was getting bored with laying down and when it was time to have something to eat. I watched some tv with daddy and my doctor came in just before tea time and told daddy he was very happy with my current progress and said they would soon get my warfarin right. Then a nurse came in and took the needle that’s been in my arm for weeks out so I can now use both my hands! It made me very happy and means I can cuddle daddy properly although it also means I really have to stretch to reach my foot when I want to try to eat my bandage. I gave up after a couple of attempts as it was very hard work!

Daddy said that mummy was coming back to London on Sunday so I’m really excited because I’ve really missed her. I’m a bit sad that I still can’t see Dylan though because I really miss him too. He’s the coolest big brother any little girl could ever have and he makes me laugh all the time when we’re all at home. That seems like such a long time ago now but it won’t be much longer before Dylan will be making me laugh again and we’re all together at home again. Daddy said that in a few weeks time a man from the North Pole called Santa Claus will come to our house and leave presents under our Christmas Tree. I looked at daddy and tried to ask if he’d been taking my medication as I tried to explain that even I know trees live outside and that this Santa Claus person couldn’t possibly leave us presents as he doesn’t have a key! Oh well, we’ll just have to see how this one pans out I guess… I’m sure daddy must be mistaken but it does sound exciting!

For tea I had pasta and sausage which was lumpy again. This time daddy made sure I only had little bits at a time and I really enjoyed chewing on them! It tasted yummy too so I ate quite a lot and then had a snuggle with daddy while my milk was warming up. I had 20mls from my bottle and the rest through my tube and wasn’t sick at all! I got very tired again after tea so fell asleep quite early.

Daddy went out to have his dinner and when he came back I was wide awake and was trying to hide. If I roll over onto my tummy and close my eyes I’m sure daddy can’t find me but I get excited and start giggling and, as soon as I open my eyes again, daddy spots me and tickles me! It was really funny and we had good fun playing for a little bit. Daddy said he had to do my update for me so I fell asleep again and will play hide and seek again tomorrow… It really is a pip!


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