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Tuesday 11th November 2008

Tuesday 11th November 2008

Tuesday 11th November 2008 – I was woken up by 2 of my nurses quite early. One of them held my arms and the other one stabbed me in one of them! I’d managed to persuade the nurses in London to stop stabbing me by giving them ‘eyes’ but they obviously hadn’t warned my new nurses just how effective my eyes are… They’ll soon learn! Mummy came very early this morning and I was playing nicely in my cot when she came into my room. We had some cuddles and mummy played with me for a little while before I had my breakfast. I was very good and wasn’t sick and even had 60mls of my milk from my bottle too.

Mummy told me that daddy had a meeting to go to for work today because he’s been away for such a long time so he would come and see me later. My nurse told mummy I’d had a good night and had slept really well. She said they were very surprised because I’d not woken up once until just before mummy got here. Mummy told her that I’m like my daddy and I can sleep through anything (well almost anything… I wake up if they try to stab me!) and have been like that since I was just 6 weeks old!

When my new doctors came to see me they told mummy that I was doing very well but it was likely I’d have to stay in hospital for at least another 2 weeks. Mummy asked why as I am now looking much better and they said that until my INR has stabilised and I’m gaining weight they would like me to stay in. Mummy was disappointed because my doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital had told mummy and daddy I would only need to stay in hospital for a couple of days once I’d left London.

Mummy played some games with me and I laughed and smiled lots. Because of my positive MRSA swab at Great Ormond Street Hospital in March I’m not allowed to leave my special room at my local hospital until they’ve had a negative sample, despite the fact I’d had 3 clear swabs at London. So, for now, I’ll have to make do with watching my tv and playing and cuddling with mummy and daddy. Hopefully mummy and daddy will be allowed to take me out later on in the week.

Mummy gave me my lunch and I ate over half a jar without being sick. Then I only had 20mls of milk from my bottle but was sick a little bit so had the rest put down the tube in my nose. I had a nice sleep and when I woke up mummy gave me some more cuddles. Then mummy had to go and pick Dylan up from school so I waited in my room on my own for a little while until daddy came to see me.

Daddy came just after mummy had left so I wasn’t on my own for too long. I was attacking my airfalant (Tiana means elephant) when daddy came in and got very excited when I saw him and kicked my legs and smiled lots. Daddy picked me up and gave me a big snuggle cuddle and tickled me lots. I giggled and then daddy changed me because I had a little bit of sick on my top.

After me and daddy had a little play and lots of cuddles, mummy came back with Dylan. I was really happy to see Dylan again and he did his usual big brother things and made me laugh. Daddy tried to give me some dinner but I wasn’t very hungry so only ate a couple of spoonfuls. Then I had 40mls of milk from my bottle and wasn’t sick. My nurse put the rest through the tube in my nose and I started feeling sleepy. Dylan wanted to have a cuddle with me so he sat in the chair next to my cot and we had a little cuddle before I got a bit restless because I was tired.

Daddy put me back in my cot and and my nurse came to do my obs. While she was taking my temperature, checking my blood pressure and my sats, mummy and daddy asked her what my INR levels were for today. She said they were the same as yesterday so daddy asked why I had to stay in the hospital for so long if it was looking more stable now. My nurse said she didn’t know as they weren’t actually doing anything as mummy and daddy were feeding me and she couldn’t understand why I was there. Daddy asked if my levels could be checked every day from home and she said she couldn’t see why not. Mummy and daddy said they’d speak to my doctors again tomorrow to see if they can take me home and just take me to the hospital every day until my INR and weight are more stable. Hopefully they’ll agree so we can all go home properly together very soon.

Mummy and daddy could see I was very tired but I wouldn’t go to sleep so they said they would go so I could get some sleep. Daddy is coming to see me in the morning and is then going to pick mummy up to see me while he goes to work. It’s much better that we’re all in Norfolk… but it’ll be even better when we’re all home together again.


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