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Tuesday 18th November 2008

Tuesday 18th November 2008

Tuesday 18th November 2008 – I had a good nights sleep again last night. Mummy came and got me up early again but I was still sleepy so didn’t want my breakfast. Mummy had a cuddle with me for a little while and I slowly began to wake up. I watched a bit of tv while mummy got Dylan ready for school and then mummy took me upstairs to wake daddy up. I bashed daddy lots but he took a long time to wake up! When he did he gave me my milk and I had 40mls and then had the rest through my tube in my nose and I wasn’t sick.

I’m still getting used to not having doctors and nurses coming to poke, prod and stab me and I must say I don’t miss it at all! I much prefer the playing and cuddles I get from mummy and daddy instead!

After I’d had my medicines mummy and daddy took me into town and we did some shopping. Lots of people said hello to me and I smiled politely. Daddy made me giggle when we were in one shop by lifting me up in the air and calling my name. I like that game lots and it’s really funny when daddy puts my tummy on his head and shakes me. It makes my tummy tickle so daddy is careful not to do it just after I’ve had my milk in case I’m sick all over him.

When we got home I was feeling sleepy so mummy took me upstairs and put me in my cot. I had a little cry but I’m getting used to being back in my room so I fell asleep quite quickly. When I got up daddy was busy doing some work so mummy gave me my lunch. Well I say ‘gave me my lunch’… I should really say ‘tried to give me my lunch…’ because I wasn’t that hungry again so didn’t eat much. I had some more medicines and even had some normally without mummy having to put them down my tube in my nose.

I was beginning to feel a little hungry after a while so mummy gave me my bottle and I drank 80mls. I think mummy thought I might be sick because she got my changing mat ready but my tummy wasn’t hurting at all so I kept all the milk I’d drank in my tummy.

Daddy then had to go to a meeting so mummy took me to pick Dylan up from school. Dylan was very pleased to see me and I was pleased to see him too and smiled and giggled at him. When we got home I played with my toys in my playpen for a little while and laughed at Dylan being silly. Mummy gave me some snuggle cuddles and we watched some tv together. Then mummy gave me my dinner and I ate half a jar and really enjoyed it. I haven’t been that hungry today and mummy thinks it’s because I’ve got 2 new teeth coming through. They’re really annoying me but I’m being brave and just hoping they’ll hurry up and come through properly!

Daddy came home and gave me a big cuddle (I’m getting lots of cuddles now!) then mummy, daddy and Dylan had their dinner while I watched them. I smiled lots at them and then daddy gave me my milk. I managed only 30mls because I’d had so much dinner earlier. Daddy put the rest of my milk down my tube in my nose and I wasn’t sick again. I’ve been much better since mummy and daddy reduced the amount of extra caroles (Tiana means calories) they put in my milk.

After I’d had my milk it was time for me and Dylan to go to bed. I was very good and fell asleep very quickly but did need daddy to stroke my head for a little bit!

I was fast asleep and having a lovely dream of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and all my other friends from In the Night Garden, when I was woken up by mummy. She took me downstairs and I fell straight back to sleep again! Daddy tried waking me up by changing me but I was really enjoying my sleep so didn’t want to wake up. Then I saw my milk and thought I’d try to stay awake for long enough to drink some of it. I did quite well and had 40mls before I gave up and fell asleep again.


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