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Tuesday 23rd September 2008

Tuesday 23rd September 2008

Tuesday 23rd September 2008 – Daddy had to take mummy home last night because my big brother is really missing all of us. Mummy was very upset because she didn’t want to leave me but she is also worried about Dylan so it was a very difficult decision for her to make. I think she has done the right thing though because I have daddy here with me and now Dylan has mummy to look after him and daddy can tell mummy how I am all the time.

Daddy stayed at home last night with mummy because it is a long drive. He said he wanted to come back last night but mummy insisted he stayed because she doesn’t like him driving when he is tired. Daddy got back to the hospital this morning but couldn’t come and see me straight away because one of the other children in CICU needed a procedure to be carried out. When daddy could come in to see me I was awake and a bit upset.

The nurse had just done my suctioning (that’s when they disconnect my ventilator and stick a suction tube into the tube in my nose to suck away all the secretions on my lungs. It’s very yucky and I hate it!) and I was quite distressed so I was very happy to see daddy! I was grinding my teeth a lot again but daddy sang In the Night Garden to me and held my hand as I drifted off to sleep.

While I was asleep I had some cards and presents arrive. I had some very cute socks & bibs from my auntie Kym and a sweet suit from nanny Maureen. I also got a card from uncle Brett and auntie Emma and from granddad Angus and auntie Barbara and auntie Lesley.

I was still asleep when the lady came in with the big laptop on wheels to look at my heart and only woke up a couple of times to make sure daddy was there. The doctor said my heart looked fine although there was a small leakage it wasn’t anything to worry about. Daddy was pleased and gave me a kiss.

I was only asleep for a little while when another nurse came in and put a hard board behind my back. Then everybody left me for a couple of seconds and I heard the nurse say “X-ray!”. Then everyone came back in and I fell asleep again.

My nurse has told daddy that they’re going to take the drain out of my chest tonight and will try extubating me again tomorrow. I tried to show daddy that I don’t need the ventilator anymore by breathing on my own while I was asleep when the nurse disconnected me to clean my tubes. I didn’t wake up and breathed normally! Daddy was very impressed and so was my nurse.

Daddy said that as long as I come off the ventilator tomorrow he will give me my first cuddle in nearly 3 weeks! I’m so excited because 3 weeks is a very long time not to have a cuddle with mummy and daddy especially when you don’t feel very well.

My chest drain was removed without any problems. Daddy was very brave and held my hand the whole time! He said that had he had to watch something like that a year ago he would’ve fainted but he is now getting used to hospital stuff so I was very proud of him.

Daddy stayed with me for a bit to make sure I was ok then, when I fell asleep, he left me to try to find some dinner. He called mummy to tell her it all went ok so mummy is happy too.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day too so I am going to get a good nights sleep and daddy will update you all tomorrow.

Night night xx


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