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Tuesday 28th October 2008

Tuesday 28th October 2008

Tuesday 28th October 2008 – I slept really well as usual and was woken up to be weighed again. I suppose it’s a better way of being woken up than having my feet stabbed but I still wish my nurse would let me sleep in occasionally! Daddy woke up very early again and made sure I was happy before he went to get some fresh air.

When daddy came back he gave me some egg custard and rice for breakfast and I really liked it. Then we played with my balloon that falls up (it still falls up even though I don’t have morphine anymore…!) and I love pulling the pink string and making it move up and down. I’ve even managed to wrap the string around my leg and can kick my feet and it wiggles about! It’s great fun and daddy was making me laugh because he kept hiding behind it and saying “Boo!” every time I pulled it down!

My doctors came to see me again and asked daddy lots of questions about what and how much I was eating. They said that my weight was not increasing and they have decided to scan my heart again tomorrow. They’ve also reduced some of the medicines that make me wee and have increased my bottle from 80mls every 4 hours to 110mls. They said that should help make me bigger.

So, at my next bottle I was given 110mls. Just before it finished a lady came to see daddy and talked to him about my weight and my feeding. Daddy told her that I was enjoying my food and he was adding the special powder as he was told. He explained that I was taking roughly 10-30mls of my milk from my bottle before I have enough and the rest has to go through my tube. He also told her that I usually eat a quarter to half a jar or tin of food before I let daddy know I’ve had enough. The lady told daddy that my feeds should increase as I need to eat more so I get bigger and daddy agreed. While they were talking my tummy was starting to hurt a bit. The lady left and was outside writing in my notes that my feeds should be increased when I started being sick again. Daddy told the lady that they’d better re-think what they’d been talking about as I was very sick and obviously couldn’t tolerate 110mls. The lady said daddy was probably right and asked if daddy thought a small increase to 95mls would be better. Daddy said yes and that’s what I’m now getting. I wasn’t sick again all day.

After daddy cleaned me up I had a sleep and daddy went out to get some lunch. When he came back I woke up and we had a snuggle cuddle for a little while before daddy gave me some chicken and vegetables for my lunch. It was the lumpy stuff I had yesterday and I got a bit stuck in my throat and choked a bit but daddy was there to make sure I was ok. I wasn’t sick but daddy decided I’d probably had enough so he got me dressed up and took me out to the park like he promised yesterday.

The park was really good fun and there were lots of children playing with their mummy’s and daddy’s. Daddy walked me round the park and we saw some very strange animals that daddy called goats. One was standing on a log and he looked very silly! Daddy said they make noises like sheep but I don’t know what one of those is so I’ll take his word for it…! We also saw some very cute little creatures called rabbits and some birds too. Daddy whistled when we saw the birds and I laughed because he didn’t sound anything like them but I thought he made a good effort!

It started to get cold so we went back to my room and daddy spoke to mummy. Then I heard mummy in daddy’s little phone and I was very confused! I was so surprised to hear mummy that I tried eating daddy’s phone but didn’t make any noises in case it tried eating me like it had mummy! I then got hungry so daddy gave me some sunday lunch dinner he’d got me earlier and I ate over half a jar. We then sat together and watched In the Night Garden and afterwards I had a snuggle with daddy and fell asleep. Daddy put me in my cot and made sure I was settled before he did my update for me.


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