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Tuesday 30th September 2008

Tuesday 30th September 2008

Tuesday 30th September 2008 – After all the excitement of yesterday I was fast asleep when mummy and daddy came to see me this morning. I only woke up once all the doctors came in and started talking. Mummy and daddy had to wait outside my special room while the doctors were talking and when they were allowed to come back in I was wide awake and ready to play!

We all played ‘Ready… Steady… Go!’ with my magic mirror and teddies. I laughed lots and got very tired so had another sleep while mummy and daddy went to get some breakfast. They said they came back a little later but I was fast asleep so they didn’t want to disturb me and left me to sleep.

When I woke up my nurse played with me and sang to me too which I really liked. Mummy and daddy came back to see me and they had another of those pretty round things that fall up because my other one had disappeared. I played with them for a little while and had a cuddle with daddy which was really nice except my foot was sore because there is a tube sticking out of it.

I didn’t get the chance to watch my new In The Night Garden DVD’s yesterday because the nurses can’t find a DVD player. I’ve been too tired to watch them today too so mummy and daddy said they’ll see if they can find a player tomorrow so I can watch them. The doctors are very pleased with me and have reduced some more of my medicine’s and are increasing my feeds too so I’m beginning to feel much better.

When mummy and daddy came to see me this evening a different doctor came in to see us. He said he was a surgeon and he had mended my broken heart. He told them the operation went very well and he was pleased to see me doing well. I liked him and gave him a big smile to say thank you for making the horrible pain in my chest go away.

My auntie Cassie came to see me tonight and held my hand while my nurse took out the tube in my foot. It hurt a lot and I cried but auntie Cassie helped make it feel better before mummy and daddy came back in to see me.

I’m still very tired so will have a good sleep.


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