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Update – April 2011


Daddy’s web design business has really taken off so he’s been too busy to write an update for me lately. But I signed please and thank you to him and gave him a beautiful smile so he’s taking the rest of today off so he can update you on what I’ve been up to!

I’ve been very busy learning new signs so mummy and daddy can understand me when I want a drink or I’m hungry. I can tell them all sorts of things now like car, bird, cat, dog, fish, cow, sheep, pig, boat, sleep/tired, shoes, I love you, please, thank you, juice, hungry, bath and guitar (which mummy and daddy think is really cute because I close my eyes and nod my head to the beat!). I learn a lot from Lisa, my teacher at my nursery, who has also been teaching me signs for Incy Wincy spider and Wind the Bobbin up. I go to nursery twice a week at the moment but will be going 3 times a week after the chocloate bunny rabbit has been.

I have been very well lately apart from a couple of weeks ago when I got a very sore throat and couldn’t eat for over a week. All I had in that time was 2 little yoghurts so I lost a lot of weight. Then my INR levels got dangerously high (it was 8.1 and should be between 2.5-3.5) because I was on some anti-biotics to help my sore throat. So daddy took me to hospital and we stayed there for a few hours while the doctors did some tests and eventually told daddy that my INR was coming down and I was ok to go home. We went back to hopsital again 2 days later and my blood nurse stabbed me to check if things were getting better, which thankfully they were. I’m very good at getting stabbed now and even tell my blood nurse which finger she can stab. I don’t even cry because it doesn’t hurt that much and it’s over and done with very quickly.

Since I had the tonsolesitus (Tiana means tonsilitis) I’ve not wanted mummy or daddy to feed me anymore so now I sit at my own little table that Father Christmas brought me and I feed myself. Daddy’s a bit sad because he misses feeding me but, as he keeps telling me, I’m a bigger-bigger girl now and can do it for myself. Besides, it means he can get on with his work while I munch my din dins! When I’ve finished my din dins I pull daddy away from his work so he can help me choose a pud pud from the fridge in the kitchen (it makes daddy feel wanted!) and then I sit quietly and eat it all up.

A few months ago I had my 3rd birthday and got lots and lots of lovely presents! I even enjoyed ripping the paper off everything and now have lots and lots of new toys! My last birthday present wasn’t very nice though… it was a toy hoover! I don’t like hoovers because they’re very very noisy and they scare me so I wasn’t impressed when I saw the picture on the box! But mummy and daddy have put it next to my little table and I’m getting very brave because I now touch it and am even trying to push it around! It’s very quiet luckily so I think I might like it in another 6 months…!

A few days after my birthday Father Christams came down our chimney and left me and big bruv even more presents! I had great fun opening everything and was very relieved to see there wasn’t another hoover for me (Father Christmas knows I don’t like them!) and I had lots of fun playing with everything.

Last week I had to go to see my special heart doctor for my 6 month heart scan. I don’t like it when the doctors prod and poke me and I especially don’t like them looking at my heart! My special heart doctor puts some yukky slime on my chest so his special camera can see how my heart is doing. I got very, very upset so he didn’t have a great deal of time to see how I was ticking, but it was just about long enough for him to say that my heart was operating normally and my metal valve was still working as it should. He said that because I wasn’t really growing (I’m still only 9kg) that this was a good thing in one way as my heart wasn’t growing either so my metal valve can stay for a bit longer. Mummy and daddy were pleased, and so was I!

Although I’m still not talking I have made progress in other areas. I used to hate stickers because they reminded me of when I was in hospital and I had to have all sorts of sticky things all over me to monitor my heart rate and other things. But now I LOVE stickers and, every week, mummy and daddy buy me a comic with Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and all my other friends in it. The best bit is all the fun stickers that are in the middle of my comic. I like sticking them all over me and daddy and then I stick them all over the carpet! I even get stickers when I do something clever at nursery and I don’t cry when Lisa sticks one on me. Mummy and daddy said they’re going to buy a toy heart listener so they can play doctors and nurses with me at home so I get used to people listening to my heart. I’m not sure I’m going to like it to begin with but I bet I’ll soon see it’s good fun!

Daddy has done a new montage of me at home during 2010, which you can see below:

See you again soon!

Lots of love

Tiana xx


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