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Update – August 2009

Update - August 2009

August 2009 – Well, we did it! We moved just after daddy did my last update and are now settled in our lovely new home! I’ve also been to see a special eye doctor and have been getting bigger and been putting on more weight!

Our new home is fantastic! Dylan and I have much bigger bedrooms and we have a huge garden that I’m having great fun exploring! Even our kittens are loving our new home. They chase each other all over the place and I try to keep up but am usually giggling at them so much I keep losing them.

Just after we moved I had an appointment at the hospital with the eye doctors because sometimes my eyes can be looking in different directions. I wasn’t too keen on the tests the doctor was carrying out and got bored very quickly. I went to see another special eye doctor because the first one couldn’t keep me still long enough to see what the problem with my eyes was. The second eye doctor managed to see long enough to tell mummy and daddy that I was short sighted and would probably need glasses as I grow up. I was just happy the doctors had finished shining lights into my eyes and settled down for a nap on the way home.

My INR levels have stabilised at long last and the last time I was stabbed I was very brave and hardly cried at all! The blood nurses were very impressed and told mummy and daddy to keep giving me 2mg’s of warfarin Mon-Fri and 1.5mg’s at the weekend as my INR was 3.0 – exactly where it should be.

I’ve been trying very hard to stand up on my own and can sometimes stand without any help for a few seconds. My biggest problem is that I can’t stop giggling whenever mummy and daddy try to get me to stand on my own so I end up falling into mummy or daddy’s arms! Daddy thinks I might be a ballerina when I grow up because I keep standing on tippy toes!

I very rarely keep still for very long because there’s so much to do! If I’m not kicking my legs in eager anticipation of In the Night Garden coming on the tv then I’m either chasing the kittens or walking around the furniture. This is probably why I lost a bit of weight when mummy took me to get weighed in July. Thankfully I’d put on quite a bit when I was weighed last week and am now 16lb’s 2oz’s.

One of my favourite things about our new home is our big garden. Now I’m used to the way the green carpet feels I love crawling around on it chasing Dylan and watching him and daddy play catch with a ball. Even though the garden is much bigger than our old house Dylan still manages to kick the balls into our neighbours gardens! Luckily our neighbours are very nice and they soon throw the balls back again though.

Right next to our house is a big park with lots of fun things to play on. Dylan likes climbing on them and I love the swings! When I’m bigger I’m looking forward to climbing on everything with Dylan and going down the slide on my own instead of on daddy’s lap (he can be sooooo embarrassing!) and going on the see-saw with Dylan.

It’s nice to be able to play in the park with mummy, daddy and Dylan. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to run around with Dylan and play with the ball with him and daddy. It looks like great fun!


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