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Update – August 2011

3rd August 2011

August 2011 – Welcome to my brand new website! My old website was getting far too big for daddy to look after so he decided to start again and move everything from my old site to my new one! My new website is much easier to update and has some new features to make it easier for you to use. It’s taken him a little while but he’s been staying up late to make sure it’s ready for when we go on holiday next week so he can write an update every day!

So, what have I been up to since daddy last did an update? Well, I now go to nursery 3 times a week which will go up to 4 times a week after we’ve stayed in our carryvan next week! I love nursery and enjoy playing with all the boys and girls who all look after me to make sure I don’t go bump and add to the bruises I always have on my legs! I’ve also been playing lots in our garden and even had a splish splash in my paddling pool a couple of weeks ago! It was very cold in the water but I did have lots and lots of fun!

I haven’t had to go to the hospital as often lately which is really good! I did go to my doctors a few weeks ago where a nurse decided I hadn’t been stabbed enough recently so asked daddy to hold my arms while she stabbed me, not once but twice! I didn’t cry at all after the first one but let daddy and the nurse know I wasn’t very happy after I got stabbed the second time! Both of my arms went very heavy so I couldn’t use them when I got home! But they were all ok the next day which was lucky because I didn’t think I’d be able to play with anything or have any juice. I was a little quieter than usual for a couple of days afterwards but soon got back to my normal happy self.

I’ve been to the hospital for my usual INR checks to make sure my blood isn’t too thick or too thin and it’s usually very steady at between 2.5 – 3.5 (people that aren’t on warfarin have an INR level of 1.0) but it did get a little high for a bit while I had a cold. So I now have 1.0mgs of warfarin one day and 1.5mgs the next day which means mummy and daddy have to check everyday to make sure I get the right dosage! It’s changed when I go to the hospital now as well because I have to go to the children’s day ward to get tested which means we have to wait for the blood nurse to come to see us which means I get to play with all the toys in the waiting room! Last time I went daddy had to stop the car on the road and change the wheel because it went pop as we were driving along the road. He wasn’t very happy because he’d only just bought it from the tyre shop! It also meant we were late getting to the hospital and seeing my talking teachers at the language and speech therapy I go to every Monday.

My talking nurses play some funny games with me when I see them and I’m very quiet and don’t make a sound. Not like I am when I’m at home where I sing and shout lots and lots! I still can’t say proper words but I’m nearly saying “mum”. I say “mumma” but it’s just me practicing to say words at the moment. Mummy and daddy try to teach me to talk but I just laugh at them! I mean, they know what I want and what I’m saying because I teach them new signs all the time. I have just taught them how to say “red”, “green” and “blue” and they’re very good at picking my signs up. I’m very proud of them!

The last time I saw my talking nurses one of them gave me a pink stick which mummy and daddy can make music from. She asked daddy to try to get me to blow it but whenever he tried showing me I just laughed and giggled at him because he looked silly! I have been practicing though and I can now make it play music sounds too! Mummy and daddy are very impressed and said my talking nurse will be very happy with me when I see her in September. My talking nurse has told daddy that she wants me to see another specialist to see if there is any other reason I’m not talking yet. Daddy has told her he thinks it’s strange that I’m so quiet around people other than my family and my talking nurse has spoken to daddy about this a few times. I’ll let you know what happens once I’ve seen the specialist and have any other news about why I’m not talking once my doctors and nurses have figured it all out.

Away from the hospital and all the tests I’ve had, we all went to a aminal shop (Tiana means animal shop) where there were all sorts of aminals! I love all aminals, even the little green baby crocodiles (Tiana means lizards) that were there, but I especially love soft, fluffy aminals! Mummy and daddy were talking to the aminal lady and she brought over a rabbit with very big ears! I’ve seen them on Teletubbies (which is a new favourite of mine!) but never seen a real one before! The aminal lady said the rabbits name was Bugsy and he was coming to live with us! I was very excited and even had a cuddle with Bugsy in the car before we took him home. Dylan also got a small aminal called a hamster which is very noisy at nights so now lives in his little house downstairs. Bugsy lives in his house downstairs and I love putting my hands through the bars in his house and stroking him. He’s sooooo soft!

After a few weeks though daddy said Bugsy had to live outside so I watch him from the back door and wave to him every day. One day when I went to look at him outside though I was disappointed to see his house door was open and Bugsy wasn’t there! Mummy and daddy looked everywhere but couldn’t find him and said he’d probably gone to see his friends in the fields near our house. I was a little bit sad but happy that Bugsy was with his friends though. Mummy and daddy went out and left me to play with Nanny Chris for a little while and when they came back they had a little box. When I looked inside there was another rabbit called Trio inside it! He was smaller than bugsy and his ears don’t stick up, but they’re still very big! Trio gave me lots of kisses and made me laugh so I love him a lot.

We put Trio in Bugsy’s house in the sitting room and I played with him for a long time. Then daddy went to pick big bruv up from school and came back very quickly! He told mummy that one of our neighbours had asked him if we’d lost a rabbit and daddy had said yes! It turned out that Bugsy hadn’t gone to see his friends but had left our garden to go and sunbathe in our neighbours. Naughty Bugsy! So now we have 2 rabbits, 2 cats, a hamster and lots of fish… I keep telling daddy I like birdies too….!

Next week we’re going for a long drive in the car to stay in a carryvan (Tiana means caravan) near Bournemouth! We’re all very excited as we’ve never had a proper holiday before. Mummy and daddy say we’ll be able to do lots and lots of fun things so I’m looking forward to it. I don’t think we can take Gizmo, Poppy, Trio, Bugsy and all our fish though so mummy and daddy’s friend is going to stay to look after them all for us. While we’re away daddy is going to write an update every day so you can see what I’ve been up to.

You can also like my new facebook page where daddy will be able to let you know whenever he’s added a new update! I’ve got some friends there at the moment so don’t be shy… You can like my Facebook page by going to www.Facebook.com/BraveTiana – See you there soon!

Tiana xx


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