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Update – July 2009

Update - July 2009

July 2009 – I’m not too sure what mummy and daddy are up to, but there are big boxes all over the place! More about that later…

My special doctor from Great Ormond Street Hospital came to see me in my local hospital last week. Before we went to see him, mummy and daddy took me to get stabbed. It didn’t go quite according to plan unfortunately and I ended up being stabbed 4(!) times. The first one I was very brave with and didn’t cry one bit… by the third attempt I was very upset so mummy and daddy took me to have my heart scanned. I was a little restless but managed to keep still long enough for my special heart doctor to see my heart working.

I tried very hard to keep still but the jelly my doctor put on my chest was sticky and cold. Still, he put his special magic wand on my chest and measured lots of things. Daddy is much braver when he hears heartbeats than he used to be and even watched my little heart beating on the screen… Mummy was impressed!

When he’d finished, my heart doctor told mummy and daddy that he was very happy with how my heart was working and said my metal valve was working properly. He then told mummy and daddy that he didn’t think I’d need to have my metal valve replaced for maybe 8 years! Mummy and daddy (and me of course!) were delighted as this means I won’t need another operation for a long time. My heart doctor said he’d see us all again in 6 months.

After my heart doctor had finished me, mummy and daddy went back to see my blood nurse so they could try to get a proper INR level. Luckily it only took one more attempt and my INR was within range which was more good news. We all then went home and I had lots of playtime and cuddles with mummy and daddy to make me feel better.

The weather has been much warmer recently. In fact it’s been so warm that daddy did a very strange thing and cooked his, mummy’s and Dylan’s dinner in the garden! I think he must have overdone it though because there was lots of smoke (much more than when he normally cooks indoors!) so it was lucky we were outside so the smoke didn’t choke us all!

Dylan has been busy too and one day we all went to see him and his friends at his school doing all sorts of fun things. Dylan was the bestest and I was very proud of him (he can run very fast!). I wanted to join in but mummy and daddy said I was too little so I was good and watched quietly instead.

A couple of weeks ago I got up after my afternoon nap and came downstairs to find 2 of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! One was a black ball of hair and fur and another was black and brown with stripes. I watched them play and fight with each other and love following them. Mummy and daddy said they were kittens and were called Gizmo and Poppy! I think they’re adorable and love playing with them.

Oh, I nearly forgot, these boxes…! Mummy and daddy have been busy putting everything in big boxes for the past few days. They said it’s to help them move them to our new home! They took me and Dylan to see a house last week that has a big garden and bigger rooms than where we live at the moment. It looked a bit boring though and there was nowhere for mummy and daddy to sit so I’m not sure if I’m going to like it that much! Mummy and daddy said I’ll love it once we’ve moved all the furniture (whatever that is?) and Dylan is really excited because he’ll be able to play football with mummy and daddy in the big garden.

All I know is that all this activity is very tiring… See you again soon!!


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