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Update – July 2013

Tiana in the Garden July 2013

I love the summer. I’ve just finished my first full year at school and now have lots of weeks off to play at home and in my garden. I’m still getting up very early though… Well, I do have lots of things to play with so can’t waste time in bed!Me and daddy

I had to see my heart doctor at the beginning of July and was very good and brave while he made sure my heart was working properly. I saw some pretty colours and heard my heart making a funny whooshing noise! I’m not sure what I was seeing and hearing but my heart doctor and mummy and daddy were happy so I was too. Luckily my heart and blood levels have been fine so my warfarin medicine dose hasn’t had to be changed as much as normal. I’m seeing my heart doctor again in March next year for another scan.

Me and ShadowI had to go to the hospital to give a blood nurse some of my blood for some special tests. The results have shown I have a omozone (Tiana means chromosome) disorder which could be why I”m still not able to speak properly. Mummy and daddy had to have their blood tested too and daddy has the same disorder I do. But he can speak fine so the special genetics doctor isn’t sure if the problem they found is the cause of my problems or not! Mummy and daddy are just as confused as they were before we went to the hospital now…

Away from the hospital (we go there all the time but not as many times as we have when I was littler), I’ve been having lots of fun playing with my cat Smudge and our new kitten, Shadow. I love them lots and am always cuddling and playing with them. Smudge and Shadow play together all the time and I think it’s really funny when Shadow jumps on Smudge!Me on a boat!

When it was very hot we went to the seaside at a place called Wells and walked all the way to the sea which was in another country I think, because it took us like all the way to lunchtime to get there! We walked and walked and walked but it was definitely worth it! The sand was great fun and I was even brave enough to dip my toes in the sea! Then me and daddy went on a boat and saw some ducks and then we caught a train back to our country so daddy could take us all home in the car. I was very tired after all that walking!

It's a giraffe!A few weeks ago we all went to the zoo to see the aminals (Tiana means animals) – I loved the giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, snakes, lions, ostriches, ducks and, well, everything! Aminals are really sweet and I love watching them and playing with them when I can. I even found a beetle at home the other day and played with him for ages… until I lost him. I think he’s probably hiding in my toy box…

I’m going to have lots of fun in the holidays and am looking forward to going back to school to see all my friends in my new class.

See you all soon! xx


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