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Update – June 2009

June 2009

June 2009 – Last month was a bit up and down for me, mummy, daddy and Dylan. On the down side I spent 3 days in hospital and on the positive side I was only stabbed twice!

The month of May started very well. I am still gaining weight and I’ve not had any problems with taking my med med or drinking my bot bot’s and eating din dins. In fact I’m slowly putting the ounces on and, last time I was weighed, I was a pretty hefty 15lb’s 2oz’s!

Daddy seemed to be home a lot more than normal and I enjoyed having lots of cuddles and playtime with him and mummy. I had to be stabbed at the hospital once and was really brave and only cried a little bit. My INR levels were very high so I didn’t have my warfarin for a few days. When I started having it again it was a new nicer tasting med med that mummy and daddy don’t have to mix up. I take it every day and mummy and daddy say I’m a very good girl for taking all of it without letting any fall out of my mouth. The last time my INR was tested mummy took me and I amazed her and the blood nurses by not crying one tiny bit when the blood nurse stabbed me!

Unfortunately that wasn’t my last visit to the hospital. In the middle of May I had a cold and mummy and daddy noticed my eye was watering a lot. It got a lotworse before I went to bed and I woke up just after daddy put me upstairs. When mummy came to get me she was shocked to see my eye had swollen up so badly I couldn’t open it! Daddy phoned the hospital and then took me to see the doctors and nurses. They took a look at my eye while me and daddy played on the hospital bed. Although my eye was sore it didn’t stop me wanting to play especially in the middle of the night! The doctor told daddy I had a serious infection that needed immediate attention. I was to be given antibiotics and some water had to be sprayed up my nose too (I wasn’t too keen on that!). Daddy took me into a special room where a nurse and doctor stabbed me in the hand. Then they stabbed me in the other hand. I was distinctly unimpressed and let them know in no uncertain terms that I didn’t like being stabbed. To make my point I didn’t bleed from either hand which seemed to work because daddy was allowed to take me back to the bed we were playing on earlier. By now I was very tired and I fell asleep while daddy was cuddling me.

I wasn’t asleep for very long when I was woken up again by the doctor and nurse. This time they were attacking my foot but I was so tired I only cried a little bit and let them have some of my blood. Then they bandaged my foot and I felt it go a bit cold as the doctor gave me some of my antibiotics. They told daddy I would have to stay in hospital for about 3 days until my antibiotics had finished and then showed us to my room. Daddy tucked me in and when I woke up in the morning, daddy was asleep in a bed next to me. Mummy came to see me after she had taken Dylan to school and daddy left to get changed before he came back to stay with me again. My eye started improving very quickly and, after just 2 days, I was well enough to go home! I was given some special medicine to take at home and I’m pleased to say my eye is now much better again.

A few days later me, mummy and daddy went back to the hospital to see my specialist about my heart. He was very pleased with my progress and said I was doing very well. I have to see my heart doctor from London in July and my specialist again in September. Mummy and daddy were a bit worried he might ask to put a tube in my tummy but luckily he didn’t so we were all very pleased!

Last week daddy had to go away to a place far, far away. I missed him very much and so did mummy and Dylan. Luckily daddy took his laptop so we could all see him and I laughed when he hid and said “boo!” Mummy gave me and Dylan extra special cuddles while daddy was away and took me to a shop where a lady made me feel sleepy by playing with my hair. Then she started snip snipping it and I saw some of my hair falling out of my head! Mummy said I was having a haircut because my hair was messy and I was a very good girl and kept very still while the lady snip snipped away. Mummy said I looked much smarter afterwards and I looked forward to showing daddy my new hair.

It wasn’t too long before daddy was home again. He said he had had a busy time in the place far, far away and that his din dins weren’t very nice. I was very happy daddy was home and had an extra special snuggle cuddle before I went to bed. Daddy said Leicester was very busy and he had missed me, mummy and Dylan very much. I missed daddy lots especially when he puts me to bed and Iggle Piggle dances in daddy’s hand while daddy sings the Iggle Piggle song!

While daddy was away nanny taught me how to dance. I wave my hands up and down when nanny says dance and it makes everybody laugh, including me! Daddy was very impressed especially when I showed him how fast I can crawl now as well! I can do lots of other things now but can’t quite stand up without somebody helping me because I’m still a bit wobbly. Mummy and daddy think I might be walking by the time daddy writes my next update!

Hopefully I’ll be able to stay away from hospitals for the next few months and will be able to enjoy the summer with mummy daddy and Dylan.

See you again soon!


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