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Update – June 2014


Wow! Time goes by very quickly doesn’t it? I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since daddy last updated my website! I have soooo much to tell you I hardly know where to begin…I lost another tooth!

I am pleased to say I have been very well all year and have had 2 heart scans which show my artificial valve is working as it should be. I’m still not keen on seeing my heart doctors and I sometimes get a little scared but mummy and daddy are always there to help me relax. My heart doctor is very happy with my progress and, the last time I saw him in April, I even looked at the funny colours on the screen when he put the cold jelly on my tummy!

I’ve been very good when daddy has to stab me and don’t cry or make much of a fuss. My INR levels have been very stable except when I get a little bug which can make my INR go very high sometimes. Then I need to be stabbed more than usual so that’s not very nice! But usually the blood doctors tell mummy and daddy to give me a different amount of warfarin and, when I get stabbed again, it’s usually back to where it should be again. The medicine still makes me bruise very easily though but I haven’t had a bruise on my head for a long, long, long time! I’m much more stable than I used to be and don’t fall over as much. I’ve got so big that I don’t need to wear my special hat at school all day any more too, just when I go outside to play.

My 6th birthday!I had my 6th birthday in December and got lots of presents and a big cake! I love cake nearly as much as I love my mummy, daddy, big bruv, cats and Iggle Piggle and always seem to have space in my tummy to eat some… Mummy and daddy wish I was as keen on other food too, like chicken (yuk!), mince (yuk!), roast dinners (yuk!), vegetables (double yuk!!), salad (yuk!) and anything else that they say is ‘good’ for me! I know what I like though and cake and chocolate are definitely my favourites!

Just after my birthday Father Christmas came to see me and Dylan again. He left a huge pile of presents for us and we had great fun tearing the pretty paper off them! Then we had a busy day as daddy cooked the biggest turkey (yuk!) I’ve ever seen and nanny and granddad came to spend the day with us. We all had lots of fun and I ate lots of cake and chocolate (mmmmm!).

After Christmas I decided it was time I started talking more. All my friends at school don’t stop talking and I am trying really hard with my words. My teacher is helping me to read and write and I am now learning how to say the new words I am learning. Some of the time I am really good but other times I struggle to get the words I want to say out properly.Me and Dylan Talking is very hard but I love learning how to say new things. I’m even putting sentences together which mummy, daddy and Dylan can understand! I make them laugh because I say things like “Oh well, never mind” and “That’ll do, that’ll do!”. I even whisper to Dylan to come and play in the garden with me as I love playing football with him outside.

Me and my mummyMummy and daddy are really happy with my progress and say I’m not a baby any more (even though they say I’ll always be their baby – it’s very confusing!) and that I’m a big little girl. Even though I am getting bigger and learning lots of new things all the time, I still struggle with some things. I can dress myself (even though I usually put clothes on inside out and back to front!), I can eat by myself (but mummy and daddy help me chop my fish fingers up), I can write my name, mummy, daddy, Dylan, Smudge and Shadow and I can even tidy up my toys… but tidying up is nowhere near us much fun as making the mess in the first place!Me and Daddy

Me and Iggle Piggle!I’m still obsessed with In the Night Garden and watch it every night before I go to bed. Mummy told daddy that Iggle Piggle was coming to a place near our house so daddy said he would take me to meet him! I was sooooooooooooooo excited! I told Bee-Bee (my favourite teddy) all about it when I went to bed the night before daddy took me to meet him. When we got there I was a little shy at first but then Iggle Piggle waved at me! Can you believe it?! I waved back and then got dressed up in a costume so daddy could take a picture of me with Iggle Piggle. He was very, very big but I wasn’t scared one little bit!

That’s all I have for now so I will say goodbye until daddy does my next update.

See you all soon! xx

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