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Update – March 2010


Better late than never, daddy has finally got round to writing my latest update. He says sorry for the long delay but since he started his own business he’s been busier than ever! I’m a lucky girl though because daddy works from home now so I get cuddles and lots of playtime with him and mummy.

Last time daddy did an update we’d all been to a zoo and had met lots of mummy and daddy’s friends. Oh, and lots of mummy’s and daddy’s came too! Since then I’ve been very busy and have learnt lots of new things and even had a funny man in a red suit come to see me and big bruv! That was exciting!

Just after we went to the zoo I got up one morning (well daddy got me up earlier than usual!) and there were lots of pretty boxes everywhere! Then mummy, daddy and big bruv all sang Happy Birthday to me while I ate my breakfast. Then big bruv helped me rip all the paper (which is odd because I’m usually told I’m naughty if I rip paper) and there were all sorts of nice things for me to play with. I got a new Iggle Piggle because my old one had a broken arm (dunno how that happened….) and a baby with a pushchair and all sorts of other nice things. Big bruv loved helping me rip the paper which was just as well because I get spooked by things like that! Later that day I got a beautiful Iggle Piggle cake with a light on it and it was really pretty and very tasty too!

A few days later a man in a red suit came when we were all asleep and left me and big bruv even more presents with shiny paper! Dylan was very excited and made lots of mess with the paper and helped me rip mine too (it was great fun!). I got even more nice toys to play with and so did Dylan. In fact he hasn’t put his down since he got it and plays on it every day. He calls it an eyepod touch and I like watching him play on it. It’s very pretty and I like pretty things.

In January I went to my very first birthday party! I went to see my special friend Ellie who has heart problems too at her house and met some of her friends. We had lots of fun and had a nice lunch with cakes and biscuits. Then we all had a bounce on a bouncy castle in her mummy’s kitchen which was brilliant! After we’d all played on the bouncy castle we all passed a parcel and, everytime the music stopped, we had to rip some paper and then we all got a special present. I got some colouring pencils but haven’t used them much yet because I’m usually too busy emptying my toy box of all it’s toys. I do this every morning and every night mummy and daddy fill it back up again ready for me to empty again the next day. It’s a fun game!

On a different subject I’ve been gaining weight and have been to the hospital a lot less regularly. I have been to see some different doctors when mummy and daddy have taken me though. One seems very interested in lights and likes showing it to me. Right into my eyes! I keep trying to tell her I’m not impressed with her shining it into my eyes but she carries on and even gets other doctors to have a go too! It’s shocking what some people find funny! Then I heard them tell mummy and daddy that I was short sighted and would probably need glasses. I don’t think that’s a good idea though because glasses are dangerous and can cut you. Mummy and daddy said so.

As if that wasn’t bad enough I’ve had some other doctors at the hospital sticking things in my ears too! Then they put me, mummy and daddy in a very quiet room and played some sounds. Everytime I looked at the sounds everyone said “well done!” which was weird because they don’t say that when I look at the TV at home when it’s making noises! One of the doctors told mummy and daddy that I need grommets in my ears because I have fluid behind my ear drums that needs to be drained away. So I have to have an operation in April but daddy said I’ll be fine because he’s had it done lots of times.

I’ve also been to see my special heart doctors and when they last looked at my heart they were really pleased with how well it was doing! They don’t want to look at it again now until the summer which is great! They said they are also very happy that my INR levels are very stable. I only get stabbed once every four weeks now and only in one finger too so i’m getting used to it. I still cry though because I really don’t like it but at least I don’t have to get stabbed 3 or 4 times when I go now.

I said I’d been learning lots of new things… Well, exactly one month after my second birthday I took my first steps! I’m now standing and walking lots and love walking whenever I can. I’m still a little bit unsteady but am getting stronger every day and am very proud of myself.

I’m not talking properly yet but this is because my hearing is not as good as it should be so I can’t quite hear the sounds mummy and daddy make when they speak to me. I can hear other things though. Like the biscuit tin. Or the fridge door. Or the bath (I love my splish splash time!). Mummy and daddy say I have selected hearing which daddy said he’s always been told he has! The ear doctor says I should hear a lot better when they put the grommetts in my ears next month so it won’t be too much longer before mummy and daddy are telling me to shuuusshhh!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest update and would like to apologise once again for daddy’s slackness. He has been busy though but has said he’ll try harder to do my updates more regularly again. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he does!

There are some new pictures of me below. Just click on any of them to make them bigger.

See you again soon!

Lots of love

Tiana xx


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