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Update – March 2013

Tiana in the snow

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 5 months since daddy did my last update and I have lots of exciting things to tell you about…

As you may remember from my last update I now go to big girls school which is great. I love learning new things and one of my biggest achievements has been that I am slowly (very slowly!) beginning to say words! I can now say ‘Mumma’ and ‘Dadda’ and try very hard to say ‘Dylan’ too but I can’t quite get the sound right. I’m still trying though which mummy and daddy are really happy about.

I’m also very good at counting and can count to ten out loud with my own version of one, two, three, four, five – all the way to ten! I practise every day and try really hard to say the numbers properly but haven’t quite got there yet…

My baby dollSo, what else has been happening? Well, I am now 5(!!!) years old! I was woken up very early by mummy and daddy and, when we got downstairs, there were lots of lovely presents all waiting for me to open! I had great fun tearing all the paper off them and wasn’t a bit scared like I was last time I had presents! In fact I’m a lot braver about a lot of things including loud noises and even the hoover. Daddy showed me how to be brave and when something worries me I look at daddy and show him I’m being brave by folding my arms and smiling (I’m still a bit scared but I think daddy is happy when I’m being brave and mostly it’s only loud noises so that’s ok).

A few days after I had my birthday presents Father Christmas came down our chimney and left even more presents for me and Dylan! I was really excited and got lots and lots of lovely new toys which I love playing with every day. I’m very imaginative and like to empty my toy boxes out every day and play with my fancy dress costumes, tea sets and all my teddies. Daddy has to help me sometimes because I can’t quite dress myself with my fancy dress costumes and generally end up with most of them upside down, inside out and even back to front! It’s great fun though and I really like dressing up all my teddies and dolls too.

Tiana's Special HatI now wear a special helmet when I go to school because I keep bumping into things and, because of my warfarin medicine, I usually end up with a big bruise on my head! So mummy and dadddy looked for a hat I could wear that would protect me a little bit. All my friends at school love my new hat and asked my teacher if they could have one! I was allowed to take it off when I was an angel in our school play at Christmas though, as it didn’t really go with my costume!

A couple of weeks ago daddy took me to see the eye doctor again at the hospital. I was really good and very brave as the doctor put some special water in my eyes so he could see if I needed glasses. After shining some lights in my eyes he told daddy that I did need glasses and so mummy took me to buy some from the eye shop last week. I’m being very good and wear them every day until I go to bed.

school-playWhilst we were at the eye hospital I had lots of fun playing some games with the eye doctor. But then daddy had to take me to see 2 blood nurses… They told daddy they needed to take a bit of blood to do some special tests to see if there is anything else which may be causing my developmental delays. Daddy cuddled me as one blood nurse held my arm and the other one stabbed me with a big long needle! It hurt very much but daddy said I had to be brave. So, instead of screaming and trying to run away, I squeezed into daddy’s arms and sobbed quietly until the blood nurses had drained my arm of all the blood they needed. I got 2 stickers for being so brave and daddy gave me some big cuddles and bought me a chocolate muffin from the shop downstairs before we went home. It didn’t hurt after I’d had my cake which was yummy scrummy! I even let daddy have some!

muffinMy INR levels have been a little up and down so daddy has had to stab my fingers a litte more than normal lately. The last time he did it it was normal again so hopefully it’s settled down again and my little fingers can get a little break! Daddy doesn’t like stabbing them but I always give him a big squeezy cuddle after to show him I’m not mad at him. I know he’s got to do it to make sure I don’t get unwell.

Going to the hospital to see special doctors and nurses isn’t such a big deal lately. I go for check ups on my eyes, ears, development and heart but nowhere near as much as I used to have to go and see them! I’m not due to see my heart doctor until July so daddy will do an update when I’ve seen him to let you all know how it went!My new glasses!

Thank you for reading my latest update and I’ll see you all again very soon xx


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