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Update – Nov 2010

Summer 2010

I can hardly believe it’s been 7 months since daddy last did an update for me! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I’ve been really busy learning new things and have even started going to nursery which I love!

So, what have I been up to since March? Well, I’m still not talking (I can’t see the point when mummy and daddy know what I want all the time) so I’ve been learning all sorts of new signs that I do with my hands. I can sign car, dog, cat, fish, hungry, thirsty, thank you, please and I love you. I’m learning new ones all the time and have extra support when I go to nursery each week.

Nursery is great fun! I get to play with all sorts of new things like sand and water and paint and chalk. I even get to play outside and last week fell over in the mud and came home all muddy! My helper, Lisa, looks after me when I’m at nursery because I need somebody with me at all times in case I fall over and bash myself. Lisa is very nice and she plays with me and shows me new things so I can show mummy and daddy when I get home.

Last time daddy did an update for me I said I needed to go into hospital again for a minor operation to put some grommets in my ears. I had to go into hospital for one day in April and it was a success. It wasn’t anywhere near as long as when I had all my other operations and I was pleased to come home the same day (mummy, daddy and Dylan were too!) and have lots of snuggles with mummy and daddy. The doctors were hoping it might help me start speaking but it hasn’t really made any difference! I’ll start talking when I’m ready. For now I’m quite happy making all sorts of funny noises when I’m running around the house!

Apart form having grommets put in my ears, I’ve not been to the hospital as much as I used to but still have to go every 4 weeks to be stabbed. But I don’t mind it now and let the blood nurses stab my finger without even crying! Ok, I get a bit upset when they try to stick a plaster on it but that’s ok isn’t it? I’ve also been to a special hospital where they check to see how I’m progressing as a toddler. I’m still behind where I should be as I can’t talk and am still wobbly when I walk or run so I tend to fall over quite a bit still. This is because my joints are very flexible so it takes a lot more effort for me to walk than it does other toddlers. The problem is that, because I’m on warfarin, I bruise much easier than other children so I usually have bruises on my knees, arms and face too!

When the weather got hotter we all went to a place called the sea and it was really nice! At first I didn’t like how the sand felt in my toes but I soon got used to it and was chasing after big bruv! He’s very brave and went into the big bath that was freezing cold! He got very wet and I even had a little splish splash too but it really was cold. I don’t think daddy put enough hot water in it so I didn’t like it as much as my bath at home. I still had fun though and loved watching Dylan splish and spalsh, although I did get a bit worried when he went right under the water! I thought the plug monster had eaten him but he managed to escape luckily for him! After we’d been in the giant bath we all went to have something to eat and I had some yummy chocolate cake (daddy had one too. And then had the rest of mine too!). When we’d had our din dins we went into a loud room where Dylan played on some games for a little while. I didn’t like all the loud noises and flashing lights so daddy helped me fall asleep while he, mummy and Dylan played for a bit. When we got home I had a splish splash in my bath and daddy remembered to put some hot water in it so it was much nicer than the big bath at the sea.

Mummy and daddy also got me and big bruv our own outdoor bath for the garden! Dylan’s was very big and even mummy had a splish splash in it with him! I wasn’t too impressed at first but soon got used to it and had great fun splashing daddy while he and mummy were watching me. Then daddy made a fire and cooked some burgers and sausages and we ate our din dins in the garden.

My cats, Poppy and Gizmo have both had kittens and I’ve loved watching them play with each other. I even stroke them and I’m very, very gentle cos they’re tiny. But they don’t stay with us long before their mummy’s and daddy’s come to pick them up. I miss them when they’re not running riot in the house but I know they’re all happy so that makes me happy too.

I’m going to be 3 very soon and mummy and daddy said I can have some friends to my party. I’m not quite sure what one of those is but it sounds like fun (mind you everything’s fun when you’re only 3!) so I’m looking forward to it. Daddy promises he’ll do an update with some birthday pics for everyone.

I think that’s all for this update. I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up on what I’ve been up to and I’ll see you all soon.

See you again soon!

Lots of love

Tiana xx


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