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Update – Nov 2011


Mummy and daddy are getting very excited. Apparantly I’m going to get some presents in a few weeks because I’m not going to be 3 anymore, I’m going to be 4! This means I’ll also be getting cake. And I like cake. A lot.

The past few weeks have been great. There’s been lots of changes which I’ve had to get used to. The biggest change is that I don’t need to go to the hospital every couple of weeks to get stabbed anymore – Yay! Mummy and daddy now have a blood machine that they use at home instead – Not yay! We all went to the hospital a few weeks ago and the blood nurse showed mummy and daddy how to use the machine and how to stab me in the finger. Daddy was brave and let the blood nurse stab his finger first. I really didn’t like that though and got upset but calmed down when I saw daddy was ok. Then daddy stabbed my finger and got lots of blood from his first attempt but I cried a lot as I couldn’t quite understand what was going on, and the blood machine didn’t suck up enough of my blood so daddy had to do it all again after I’d calmed down a little bit. I don’t think he enjoyed it very much but I let him know I still love him by giving him big cuddles when his second stab worked.

2 weeks later mummy and daddy tried to do it on their own at home with me. Mummy cuddled me and I told daddy which finger to stab. He stabbed me and lots of blood came out but unfortunately we didn’t quite get it on the blood machine quick enough, which meant I needed to be stabbed again. But this time it worked perfectly! My INR results were within range and the blood nurse told mummy to test me again in 3 weeks.

Me in my big girls bedAnother big change is that I now sleep in a bigger girls bed! Mummy and daddy caught me trying to climb out of my cot and said they didn’t want to hear me go bump so they found me a new bed which I love. I like climbing into bed every night after mummy or daddy have sung twinkle twinkle little star and now get up and knock on my door in the morning when I get up. I haven’t gone bump in the night yet which is good, but mummy and daddy have put my old cot mattress next to my bed, just in case!

I’ve made lots of friends at my nursery and went to my best friend Lola’s birthday party last week! We had lots of fun and I loved climbing all over the climbing things with daddy behind me. I played in the ball pit too and kept hiding underneath all the balls! It was very funny! Lola helped me do some climbing too and then I sat on her lap as we went weeee down the slides! It was thirsty work though so I had some juice from a bigger girls cup and didn’t spill very much. After a little while we all went upstairs to have something to eat. I had a burger and some chips and some red sauce and it was very yummy! Then we had some cold ice cream and Lola’s mummy gave me a bag to take home. When I got home I found it had some toys in it and some sweets and…. CAKE!!! I love cake and couldn’t wait to eat it. It was very yummy!


Me and my big bruv DylanI’ve been teaching mummy, daddy and big bruv lots of new signs. I learn quite a lot from Lisa and Vicky at nursery and now know lots of colours including red, orange, green, blue, pink and white. I’m also getting better at asking for things I want. I like orange juice so if I’m thirsty and fancy some I give mummy or daddy my cup and sign orange. They’re very clever because they fill my cup up with it! I’m also getting good at counting with my fingers and can count all the way up to 10! That’s lots of numbers and fingers. It’s a good job there aren’t any other numbers because I’d run out of fingers…

I had an appointment with my development nurse a few weeks ago and she is pleased with my progress. I heard her tell mummy and daddy that I’m still behind for my age but that I’m definitely learning new things. I think I go to big girls school next year and I will need a special helper with me to make sure I don’t go bump and to help me with all the things I’ll be learning. It’s very exciting but mummy and daddy are a bit worried because I’m still very little. I think they worry too much though and try to show them how big I am now by climbing on things and counting and signing lots. They like me counting and signing… but aren’t so impressed with seeing me climb on the sofa and the coffee table and the stairs!Me Nov 2011

So, I’ll be 4 in a few weeks and then Father Christmas is going to come down our chimney to leave me and big bruv lots of presents! I do hope he doesn’t make a mess though because that will mean mummy will have to get the hoover out and I hate that thing! It’s very noisy and I get scared whenever I hear it! Mummy and daddy said they might take me to see Father Christmas again soon. Last time I saw him I cried a lot so I’m going to try to be braver this time!

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading my update and please come back to see what I got for my birthday and what Father Christmas brings me… xx


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