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Update – Sept 2009

Update - September 2009

September 2009 – Daddy has been very busy lately so says sorry for being a bit late with my latest update.

I’ve been trying very hard to walk and keep showing mummy and daddy how clever I am by letting go of the furniture and standing by myself for a few seconds. It’s a far cry from where I was a year ago…

I’ve been keeping mummy and daddy on their toes by learning to stand on my own. Because of my warfarin if I cut myself I bleed a lot and for longer than other children. Just so mummy and daddy don’t forget, I had a spate of falling onto my face while I was crawling and cutting my lip. The first time I did it mummy had to call daddy to come home because there was lots and lots of blood and mummy was very worried. Luckily daddy got home very quickly and I stopped bleeding after a little while. So, the very next day, I did the exact same thing and bled lots again! I think mummy and daddy got the message after I’d done it 5 or 6 times so I’ve been more careful lately and my lip is a lot better.

My hospital visits have dropped a lot so I don’t go anywhere near as much as I used to! I like this and am a lot braver when I do go now. Mummy had to take me to see my children’s specialist a couple of weeks ago and he was very pleased with my progress. He did say he was a little concerened with my development though and has suggested I see another specialist once I’m 2 if I’m still not talking by then. I don’t know what he means ‘not talking’ because I’m always saying “Bwah, bwah, bwah” and I sing to mummy, daddy and Dylan everyday!

Last week daddy took me to hospital for my ritual stabbing and I was very good and only needed to be stabbed once. My INR was within range again so my blood nurses have said I don’t need to go back until November! This was very good news and means I won’t be stabbed in October.

My weight is also going up at last and I now weigh 16lbs 10oz’s. I think this is probably because I’m not sick anymore when I have my bot bot and I eat lots of din dins every day. I am even helping mummy and daddy put my din dins on my spoon and putting it in my mouth! My favourites are roast dinners and cottage pie. When I’ve finished my din dins I then have either a chocolate or strawberry pudding or a yoghurt which is yummy!

Poppy and Gizmo (our kittens) keep me entertained every day. They are very good and let me play with them but mummy and daddy have to remind me to be nice because I can be a bit rough with them. It’s not my fault, their tails look so tempting and I just have to grab them and give them a little tug… They don’t seem to mind too much and it seems to spur them into playing with me even more. I then end up chasing them all around the living room, dining room and kitchen… They’re getting bigger too though and are obviously enjoying our new home because Poppy has learnt how to hunt and has brought us a few birds and even a live mouse and shrew! Mummy and daddy let the mouse and shrew go but I think Poppy and Gizmo will probably bring them some more of their friends again soon…

Mummy has shown me how to wake Iggle Piggle up when he’s asleep so I can now get him to sing and dance to me whenever I like! We have lots of fun playing together and I give him lots of cuddles. I think he might need to see a doctor though because one of his arms doesn’t move anymore…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my latest update and come back again soon to see if daddy has been selected to run in next years London Marathon. He’ll be finding out soon and will make an announcement on my website as soon as he knows! Bye for now xx


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