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Whipsnade Zoo


On the 1st November me, mummy, daddy and Dylan went for a long, long, long drive to meet some very special people. And some monkeys.

We left very early in the morning and drove for what seemed forever! In fact we drove for so long that I actually thought I was going to be as big as my big bruv by the time we finally arrived! I was good though and Dylan kept me amused until we finally arrived.

When we finally got to the zoo it was very wet and very windy! We all ran to a cafe and had some lunch while we all waited for mummy and daddy’s friend Sadie to arrive. There were lots of people there and they all knew my name which I thought was very amusing!

When Sadie and Max, Izzie and Anna arrived we all had our pictures taken outside as the rain had stopped. Then we all started walking and daddy said he could see some tigers! I couldn’t see any though so I’m not sure if being couped up in the car had affected him in some way…

Next we saw some real life airfalants! They were very big and were having a car wash (Tiana has seen daddy jet washing our car) which they seemed to be enjoying! When we went inside their house there was a very little baby one which was very sweet. Mummy said she wanted to take it home! I was just waiting for them to sing like my airfalant does at home. But I think their batteries must’ve been flat because they just made a trumpetty noise.

After we’d seen the airfalants we walked through a little park and there were real monkeys running around in their pyjamas! Daddy said they were called Lemurs. I liked them but they didn’t stay still for very long!

I was getting pretty tired by now so I decided I’d have a little nap while mummy pushed me in my comfy pushchair.

I didn’t stay asleep for too long though and when I woke up I saw some even bigger monkeys that mummy said were called chimps. They had a big bedroom with lots of fun things they could play with. I wanted to play too but was still a little sleepy!

After we’d seen all the monkeys we went to a shop where I asked daddy to buy me another airfalant. Dylan got a very bright torch and some sweets and then it was time to say goodbye to everybody.

We all had a lovely day and I would like to say thank you to everybody that came and look forward to seeing them all again very soon!

See you again soon!

Lots of love

Tiana xx


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