Update – June 2014

Wow! Time goes by very quickly doesn’t it? I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since daddy last updated my website! I have soooo much to tell you I hardly know where to begin… I am pleased to say I have been very well all year and have had 2 heart scans which show my artificial valve is working as it should be.
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Tiana in the Garden July 2013

Update – July 2013

I love the summer. I’ve just finished my first full year at school and now have lots of weeks off to play at home and in my garden. I’m still getting up very early though… Well, I do have lots of things to play with so can’t waste time in bed! I had to see my heart doctor at the beginning of July and
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Tiana in the snow

Update – March 2013

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 5 months since daddy did my last update and I have lots of exciting things to tell you about… As you may remember from my last update I now go to big girls school which is great. I love learning new things and one of my biggest achievements has been that I am slowly (very
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2012-09-10 07.52.21

Update – October 2012

In my last update I was excited because it was summer. I like summer because I get to play outside and I love being in the park or our garden. But it was very wet most of the time so I didn’t get to play outside quite as much as I thought I would! I hope next summer is a bit better for everybody.
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Yippee! It’s summertime!

My favourite time of year has finally arrived! I love the sun and, now I’m getting bigger, I can even go and play in my garden on my own! Mummy and daddy do come and watch me a lot though just in case I get lost in the long grass. Although it isn’t quite as long as it was since me and daddy cut
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Update – Nov 2011

Mummy and daddy are getting very excited. Apparantly I’m going to get some presents in a few weeks because I’m not going to be 3 anymore, I’m going to be 4! This means I’ll also be getting cake. And I like cake. A lot. The past few weeks have been great. There’s been lots of changes which I’ve had to get used to. The
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21st August 2011

Holiday update 21st August 2011

We got up very early today and had breakfast before I went in the rain room… Now, I’m not a fan of rain at the best of times and, if I’m honest, this was absolute torture! Daddy took me in to the rain room where mummy was already inside and very wet. I looked at daddy and tried to tell him I really didn’t
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Hoburn August 2011

Holiday update 20th August 2011

After lots of driving in the car we finally arrived at our holiday carryvan in The New Forest! We knew we were here because there were lots of horses walking around without riders which was very strange to see, but also very exciting! Our carryvan is very big and I have my own bedroom with a little carrycot in it. I want to sleep
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3rd August 2011

Update – August 2011

August 2011 – Welcome to my brand new website! My old website was getting far too big for daddy to look after so he decided to start again and move everything from my old site to my new one! My new website is much easier to update and has some new features to make it easier for you to use. It’s taken him a
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Update – April 2011

Daddy’s web design business has really taken off so he’s been too busy to write an update for me lately. But I signed please and thank you to him and gave him a beautiful smile so he’s taking the rest of today off so he can update you on what I’ve been up to! I’ve been very busy learning new signs so mummy and
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